Torri & Alex 10.11.18


The Meeting

Alex and Torri met when they were living in Los Angeles at a women’s church retreat. They became fast friends, eventually best friends and then roommates for almost three years before anything happened between the two of them romantically.

DSCF3443.jpgWe came out to each other just a few days apart, and quickly understood there was something there.

Thanks to surprise last-minute tickets to the dress rehearsal of Saturday Night Live, Alex and Torri had their first date

We had been discussing what it would look like for us to be together, but hadn’t taken any specific steps toward that at that point. We flew to NYC and thought to ourselves, “Well wouldn’t this be a memorable first date?” And so it was!


The ‘I Love You’

We both have said we think we loved each other long before we realizedDSCF4118 it. We’d been saying “I love you” in friend-speak for years. “I love you” in romance just felt like a natural progression—it wasn’t a big moment. DSCF3589.jpgIt just sort of was the natural evolution of our relationship. I don’t remember who said it first after we became a couple, but I know it’s been said a thousand times over since then.

The Quirkiest Things

DSCF3782.jpgAlex is goofy. She makes up songs and dances around the house and does bits in weird accents. She’s a longtime fan of Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett and embodies their stranger, theatrical comedy everywhere we go.


If I were to guess, I’d say she thinks my entire personality is my “quirk” but I’ll let her correct the record if this is wrong—haha!

The Song

DSCF3633.jpgWe share many songs—mostly fun ones, like “Dancing Crazy” by Miranda Cosgrove or “Ultimate” from Freaky Friday. DSCF3656But we have a lot of albums that we love, and so many songs that mark special moments in our lives. We’re both musicians so music has been a significant thread running through our relationship.

The Proposal

Well, we had a failed proposal first (that’s a story for another time). The first successful proposal happened right before we left our house for a weekend trip to Chicago to see my grandma (we live in Nashville). DSCF3896.jpgIt was 8:30 in the morning and I was outside taking a photo of the tulips in our front yard and Alex texted me to come in and help her carry a couple things to the car. I went in to help and she had “Little of Your Love” by dscf3884HAIM playing (we walked down the aisle to that song too) and got down on one knee and proposed. I was SHOCKED. She didn’t have the ring yet (they were being redone by the company we ordered from so we had to wait a few weeks for it) so she tied a string around my finger instead. It was wonderful. At the end of that trip, when we got back from Chicago, I proposed back in the front yard, right by the tulips

The Wedding Day

Marrying Alex, hands down. The ceremony was so special and there was DSCF3508.jpgnothing I’d change about it.

The VenueDSCF3462.jpg

It’s beautiful, historical, and affordable. Plus y’all were a dream to work with!

The Marriage & Advice

DSCF3935.jpgIt really hasn’t changed much at all. We were an old married couple long before we were newlyweds…but it’s been amazing. Just knowing I’m married to Alex is such a surreal and wonderful feeling. Pace yourself, and don’t stress about the ins and outs. Fill the day with people and songs and poems and photos that are precious to you—the particulars will matter far less, knowing your day is full of love. And make sure on your wedding day you hold onto your cake—we missed ours while socializing. Sigh.

The Shoutouts

DSCF3669To everyone at The Haight for your incredible organization, patience, kindness, accessibility. To Brenna Weeks Photography for incredible photos and to Reid Bode for being the world’s best wedding DJ. To Courtney Ariel Bowden for officiating (my mother said, “Courtney, you could’ve been ordained by Jesus himself!”) and to Turner Lynch for helping us coordinate for the day-of. To Cuisine America for an INCREDIBLE chili bar and a kind staff, to Town & Country Gardens for our flowers and table settings, and to Peterson’s Bakery for the best cake on the planet.

The Vendors
Photographer: Brenna Weeks Photography | Videographer: Slater Goodson
Florals: Town & Country Gardens| Catering: Cuisine America | Cake & Sweets: Peterson’s Bakery
Officiant: DJ: Reid Bode| Alcohol: Drinks On Me Catering | Hair & Makeup: Salon Buzz



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