Noemi & Charles 06.17.18


The Meeting  

IMG_5432.jpgNoemi and Charles met in the summer of 2013 at Southern Adventist University in Tennessee. She was a transfer student and he was living with his friend’s girlfriend. Noemi’s first weekend there, Charles came over for lunch and they became fast friends.

I believe we were both interested around the same time. I was definitely flirtier than he was, but he liked it.

The First Date.

Five months into our friendship, Charles invited me to dinner on Valentine’s Day weekend. He took me to Red Robin. 1L2A7180.jpgWe sat and talked and laughed for a couple hours. We were both clearly very much into each other but we both made it clear that we wanted to get to know each other more before moving forward into a relationship.

The two of them knew early on in their relationship that they wanted to get married.


We were patiently waiting on God’s timing to make that big step.


The “I Love You”

img_7357I didn’t actually tell her I loved her until I proposed, which was the day before Thanksgiving 2017. I’ve always felt pretty strongly about those three words and I wanted to say them when I felt that I could live up to all that they mean.

The Proposal

img_4758Charles took me to watch Elf: The Musical. After it ended, he walked me across the street to the Copley Theater. The theater was only open to us and when they opened the doors to the main theater there were rose petals and candles that led up to the stage. img_4770Before walking me up to the stage he sat me down and we watched a short documentary about our relationship. He and his friend spent over five months putting it together. After it finished, he walked up on stage and proposed.

The Wedding Day

1l2a7101My favorite part was when Charles and I stood in a corner and looked at everyone who came and spent the day with us. 1l2a7103It’s something every couple should do on their wedding day. Stand in a corner and just look at all the people who love and support them.

The Venue

Right after our engagement, Charles took charge in finding the perfect venue. After months of searching nothing was working out for us. IMG_7416.jpgFinally, one night I decided to go on The Knot and research myself. IMG_7413.jpgI came across two venues, one of those being The Haight. I looked up pictures, read reviews, and I was very impressed. After scheduling a visit, we were told that the only day they had available in June was the exact date we wanted so we knew it was meant to be.

The Marriage & Advice

IMG_7398.jpgCharles and I were long distance for four years, so we’ve been soaking up every minute together. When it comes to how it changed our relationship, I think we can both agree that it really hasn’t. We’re the best friends we were while we were dating except with a lot more perks.


Do your absolute best to cut out the noise of those around you and spend time with each other figuring out what is most important to you, not just the wedding day, but the marriage. Also, do whatever you have to do as soon as possible, so you don’t have to stress on the wedding day. The Haight team definitely does their best to help with this as well.

The Shoutouts

A special shout out to Briana from The Haight who made the day run so smoothly! And, of course Katie from Windy City Photography for being so amazing and talented.

The Vendors
Photographer: Windy City Production 
Florals: Town & Country Gardens| Catering & Donuts: Schaul’s Signature Cuisine & Events |DJ: Atomiko


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