Katie & Kierstie 06.25.21


Katie & Kierstie met 7 years ago at a camp in Iowa for individuals with special needs. They became close friends during their time working together. They reconnected 4 years later and began a long distance relationship.

We started a long distance relationship for a couple months before Kierstie felt it was time to pack up her car and move herself and her two kitties to Iowa to be with me. We started our dating and eventually engaged life there before moving to California.


Kierstie said forever that she was always going to be the first to propose (she likes to take control). Well after some time I got to thinking, ‘I’m tired of waiting, I’m just going to do it first.’… I had NO plan and NO idea how I was going to propose. I knew I wanted it to be sweet and simple because that’s just who we are. On [a] Sunday, we planned a trip to kayak down a local river. I was talking to one of my best friends on the river (of what I thought was a private conversation) about the ring in my dresser drawer. Kierstie overheard (so nosey) and yelled across the river (apparently words travel on water) – ‘WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR DRESSER DRAWER?!?!’ I ignored her question and we continued with our day. When I got home, we made a pizza and I finally pulled the ring out. I told her how much I loved her and how I couldn’t imagine the rest of my life without her.

She cried. She said yes. And the rest is history. 

A little over a week later, Kierstie bought a silicon ring for me. We were hanging out on our back patio and I went inside to get some adult beverages.  As I walked in I was complaining about how she didn’t even get a card for me. I was supposed to be at my graduate degree graduation on that day, but covid….- I kept going on and on and complaining a lot (I’m embarrassed).

When I got back outside with the beverages, she was on one knee with the ring in her hand, asking me to marry her. Needless to say, the card didn’t really matter 🙂 and we cheersed with our beverages and called our families. 


Katie & Kierstie decided to get married in Illinois to ensure they could celebrate their day with all of their friends and family. Having their roots in the midwest, they wanted a location that was convenient and drivable for the majority of their guests. Their day was filled with lots of love, laughter, and great company.

Our favorite part of the day was probably that we chose to get ready together. We spent the entire day with our wedding party and each other while getting hair/make up done and then [had some] chill time at The Haight once we got there. 


We searched the suburbs of Chicago one weekend and The Haight was the last place we toured and we fell in love on the spot. We went back to our aunt/uncles place and made the final decision that night. 


Enjoy the day, you’ll never (hopefully) get to do it again. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Make the day about you as a couple, don’t make decisions to satisfy other people. 

Also, always make each other laugh. Each day comes and goes, and you never get to do it over again. Laugh and love with each other, everyday. 


Shoutout to The Haight and all the staff that helped us prior to and day of. 

Jamie at Town and Country– she had beautiful flowers for us and even came in clutch on the day of when we miscounted our bridesmaids and had a bouquet made up immediately. 

Mary Catherine at Cuisine America had amazing food and servers. 

Shoutout to The Still Life Photography! They did a fabulous job with our photos and catching us in action. We loved all the candid photos she took! 

Sarah and her ladies at SLT hair and makeup did a wonderful job with Kierstie and I, as well as our bridesmaids. They came to our hotel room and it was such a fun morning. 

And finally, Felix and Fingers. HIGHLY recommend going with the dueling piano players; it was a hit with our guests and kept a lot of people on the dance floor all night! 


Photographer: The Still Life | Florist: Town and Country | Hair &  Makeup: SLT                        Musician: Felix and Fingers | Caterer: Cuisine America

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