Megan & Tyler 05.25.18


The Meeting  

Megan and Tyler met in college through mutual friends (Audrey and Brody— both in our wedding party). The plan was to all go a party together, but Audrey and Brody didn’t even show up! Megan and Tyler hit it off right away.


ACG_9835.jpgTyler was really sweet and kind to me when we met. ACG_9522.jpgMy friends thought he was interested and one of our mutual friends nudged us together by giving me his phone number. After the first text sometime in September of 2011, we haven’t stopped speaking daily. I have since learned that he is just a really nice person, which is incidentally why I love him so much.


Their first date was to see paranormal activity and instead of getting scared sick, Megan actually ended up getting really sick and the date ended up being cut short.

Tyler took me home and took such good care of me while I was sick all night that I fell in love with him that same night.

About 5 years into their relationship, they started seriously talking about getting married and knew they wanted to first finish their degrees.


The ‘I Love You’

Oh I said it first. He said it back immediately, but it was absolutely me.


The Quirkiest Things

Tyler likes to make up songs about his every day life while he’s doing things.



Megan has a different dance, boogie, or groove for every emotion.



The Song

We have two. New Year’s Day, Taylor Swift. It was our first dance song. We also love the song Teddy Bear by Elvis Presley.


The Proposal

ACG_8829.jpgWe were just going to bed one night and talking about our days and he just started talking about all the times he’s thought about proposing to me but how he kept missing his “moment.” He said he realized it didn’t matter when he asked because we had perfect moments all the time. And then he pulled the ring out from under his pillow and asked me.

The Wedding Day

My favorite part of the day was when my dad wasACG_8842.jpg walking down the aisle towards Tyler and my stepdad (the officiant) and I finally got to see him. Tyler enjoyed the fact that all of his family was there from all over the country and finally got to meet me and my family.

The Venue

We liked the Haight because it’s different and the history of the building intrigued us. It’s definitely not your normal boring venue. The little industrial touches and sculptures were a huge bonus for us.



The Marriage & Advice

Not much changes once everything is said and done. ACG_9349You’re the same people in the same relationship. There is no big difference; there are just little things. You remember that you’re married and you smile. You remind each other that you’re married and it brings up your mood. But you’re the same people; you don’t change by being married. So the relationship should be strong from the start. ACG_9356.jpgI’ve heard some other couples say that they were sick of their spouse by the end of their honeymoon. I was sad to leave him after our first-ever uninterrupted two weeks alone together. (Tyler likes to point out that he can now joke about collecting life insurance on me, which is a positive change for him).

The Shoutouts

ACG_0009.jpgWe were super happy with our caterer, Uncle Bub’s. Jerry and Ashley were awesome. Briana made the day run really smoothly and we were very grateful for her. Also, Arielle was fantastic. She really captured the day for us perfectly and came back to us with preview pictures really quickly and over 300 photos in our final album. Our videographer was also amazing, Giorgio Reyes, and he stayed with Tyler for the “getting ready” portion of the day, so I got to know what he was up to. Finally, our DJ Cashera really kept the party going and let us make decisions when we wanted to and handled it when we didn’t have time or had a previous idea of what song we wanted played at certain times.


Everyone we dealt with was awesome! We had a great experience overall!

The Vendors
Photographer: Arielle Gallione| Videographer: Giorgio Reyes
Florals: Town & Country Gardens| Catering: Uncle Bub’s BBQ & Catering | Cake & Sweets: Uncle Bub’s BBQ & Catering
DJ: DJ CaShera | Alcohol: Drinks On Me Catering


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