Carrieann & Anthony 10.24.21


Carrieann and Anthony met on November 28th, 2014 at Lamplighters in Downtown Palatine. She was with her best friend having a girls night out, and he was with his friends. They shared a beer together at the bar and had a nice conversation.


“We forgot to exchange phone numbers so he had to seek me out on Facebook! Turns out we had a ton of mutual friends and we both think we would have crossed paths again eventually. We have been inseparable ever since.”


Carrieanne and Anthony-619

Anthony picked me up and gave me a single pink rose when I sat down in his car. We had dinner at “Wildfish” in Downtown Arlington Heights for some sushi and wine. We laughed, shared stories, and clicked effortlessly!



We both knew [we wanted to get married] pretty early on, like after a couple of months. We both felt like we couldn’t imagine hitting life milestones without each other. That was probably one of the first signs. We quickly became best friends and fluidly fit into each other’s lives.


Carrieanne and Anthony-299

I slipped up and accidentally said [I love you] as a reaction once, and then he was the first to say it formally.


Anthony proposed at the Willis Tower Skydeck in Chicago. He took me on the glass floor and got down on one knee. I was immediately crying as soon as I saw him pull out the ring. It was a cold day in November, so afterwards we went to an Italian restaurant, and then the Christkindlmarket for some mulled wine.


After the proposal happened, we stopped by his parents house and my parents house on the way home. Both sides made it so special for us. We popped champagne and celebrated together. Lots of love and excitement over the details of the day!


Carrieann & Anthony celebrated their wedding with us on October 24, 2021.


The Haight was actually the first and only place we checked out! We really fell in love with the industrial, historical… warm feeling the venue gave us. It felt like home, in a way. We knew it would be a place our friends and family would also really enjoy with the multiple levels and areas to explore. It was the perfect choice for us in many ways.


Carrieanne and Anthony-618

Marriage is great! We have been together for 8 years this year, but our bond is stronger. It’s a sweet feeling knowing that you are a family together. In a world of craziness with work/life balance our marriage is our safe space.



Try to remember you’re only going to be engaged once. Enjoy the process! It can be very stressful, but it is all temporary. Lean on your fiancé when you need comfort. Also, the week before the wedding, take a couple of days off to finish last minute errands that you couldn’t do before. I took a week off to do everything I needed to and it was the best thing I had done. The morning of the wedding I woke up knowing every task was completed. You’ll thank me for that one!


Three [vendors] that we fell in love with: DJ ROBERTO MONASTERO: he played all the best songs to get everyone up and dancing!

Peggy with Garvin Gardens: she took our Pinterest ‘Wedding Florals’ board and made it real in the most beautiful way I’ve ever seen.

And to our photographer, Erin Dobosiewicz: she and her assistant, Trinity, helped in every way the entire day. From capturing delicate moments to holding my dress in the rain… 10/10 stars for those two. I would recommend these vendors to everyone!


Carrieann got her wedding dress from Genevieve’s Bridal Couture and her veil was from The Altar Bridal. The dress was made by Essence of Australia.


Venue: The Haight | Photographer: Cinder & Vinegar Photography | Videographer: Sam Paakkonen | Florist: Garvin Gardens | DJ: Monastero Entertainment | Caterer: Schaul’s Signature Cuisine | Cake & Sweets: Delish Cakes | Photobooth: JTM3 Photographix

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