04.07.18 Kaitlyn & Alex


The Meeting 

Alex and Kaitlyn have been together since sophomore year of high school. Before dating, all Kaitlyn knew of Alex was “the kid from OC” and then rumors started spreading that they may like each other and weeks of awkward boy and girl hang outs began.


LexNelsonPhotography_KaitlynAlex_BridalParty36.jpgOne day in study hall a friend wrote a secret in my notebook, and then proceeded to tell me not to look at it until the end of the day. Did I listen? Of course not! It simply read, “Alex is going to ask you out at the end of the day.”

That brings us to English class on April 7, 2005 (with Alex). Naturally, there was zero concentration happening that day, and it took forever for that last bell to ring. Heart racing, Alex and I walked back to our lockers together…and that’s when he asked if I would go out with him (!!!). I smiled and said yes.


The Moment They Knew

We dated for 11 years… we always knew we were good together, we were best friends, and we shared everything. But, it wasn’t really until after college when the wedding talk started. When high school came to an end, we knew we didn’t want our relationship to end. We both made a conscious decision to go to separate colleges. Alex attended his first semester abroad in Italy. We each had our own experiences, and continued to visit each other when weekends allowed for fun events such as Sorority Formals and Iowa football games.

Although it wasn’t an easy four years, we made it work, and made some amazing friends and memories. After college, jobs led both of us back to Geneva, where we eventually began living together and from there, everything just clicked and we knew that marriage would be in our near future.

LexNelsonPhotography_KaitlynAlex_TheCouple51 (2).jpg

The Proposal

LexNelsonPhotography_KaitlynAlex_TheCouple68 (1)We had planned a long weekend over Labor Day in 2016 to Newport Beach. California holds a special place in both of our hearts so we were both excited to explore all California has to offer for a couple of days. Once we picked up the rental car upon arrival to LAX, we headed straight to In-N-Out and indulged in Double Doubles, Animal Style fries and milkshakes. After sufficiently stuffing our faces at 11 PM, we headed to our apartment for the weekend. Shortly after arriving, I was about to get ready for bed, but not before spotting a cockroach and asking Alex to quickly dispose of it. I began putting things away and saw Alex staring at me with this weird smile on his face. I couldn’t figure out why he was smirking, but there is always something he’s teasing me about so this was not out of the ordinary. That was until I turned around!


I spotted a small box with something very shiny in it looking back at me from the table across the room, and I jumped (mind you, I was still jumpy from the previous cockroachLexNelsonPhotography_KaitlynAlex_TheCouple52.jpg sighting)! Frozen in place, I couldn’t tell if it was a ring or something else my sleep-deprived food coma brain was seeing. This was when Alex got down on one knee and popped the question! The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating our engagement in one of our favorite places with endless margaritas, bike rides, and beachin.’ It was truly one of the best!

The Wedding


“We actually got married on our 12 year anniversary!”

Alex’s Favorite Moment:

The Ceremony; we wanted to make it about us and I loved that my sister officiated it. She made it funny and unique, which was exactly what we were looking for.


Moments that stick out to Kaitlyn:

  1. Getting ready! My mom and my best friends getting ready together under one roof?! What more could I ask for!

  2. Our First Look! I was so anxious to see and even just talk to Alex. Once we saw each other and had a few minutes to ourselves, my nerves calmed, and it was a nice mental reset for what was about to happen!


  3. The Ceremony! We involved all of the bridal party in reading, because we wouldn’t be where we are now without each and everyone of them. We also LexNelsonPhotography_KaitlynAlex_Ceremony28wrote our own vows—which I was extremely nervous about, But I’m so happy we did. It made it that much more special to us. And last but not least; Alex’s sister, Audrey, officiated our wedding and she knocked it out of the park. I think she even got some requests for future weddings that night!

  4. Celebrating and Dancing! Alex and I are very fortunate to have the group of friends that we do. We are still very close to all of our high school friends, and their parents. Additionally, our college friends have all gotten to know each LexNelsonPhotography_KaitlynAlex_Reception54-2.jpgother over the years and we are so lucky to be surrounded by so much love and support. I know we’re biased, but we had the best dance floor ever. Keith Talaga, from Sounds Abound, kept the dance floor rockin’ all night long! I couldn’t have imagined a better way to celebrate with all of our family and friends.

The Venue


Alex was was looking for a warehouse/loft vibe close to their hometown.

 The Haight was the perfect spot. It was exactly what we wanted, and is the exact opposite of a cookie cutter banquet hall.


Kaitlyn is an interior designer so The Haight fit her vision perfectly.

The Haight was a dream come true. Once we started the tour with Briana, I knew this was the spot and I didn’t have to look any further. It’s cozy, intimate and romantic in all the right ways and I could just envision us getting married under that gorgeous chandelier.

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The Marriage


Honestly, since we’ve been together so long, much hasn’t changed on a day-to-day basis, which is a good thing! We both agree that things have actually gotten simpler! It was an easy transition for us and having a best friend by your side to make life decisions with is one of the best feelings you can have.

The Advice

Alex’s advice is to look forward to the day, but don’t wish for it sooner—take it all in and LexNelsonPhotography_KaitlynAlex_GettingReady124enjoy the process.

Kaitlyn’s advice is to take all the time to try on a million dresses if you want to (“I sure did!”) and taste all the yummy foods from the caterers and bakeries. Although it will seem overwhelming at times, keep in mind that you’re planning your day for you and your significant other, and in the end it will all come together and be a day you’ll never forget!

The Shout Outs

Our wedding would not have been possible without the love and support from our amazing parents. We cannot thank them enough for everything, not only on that day, but for everything leading up to this point in our lives.

LexNelsonPhotography_KaitlynAlex_TheCouple69-2All of our vendors were fantastic! We loved working with all of them and they each made our wedding day perfect. Lauren, from The Haight, and Sabrina, from Town & Country Gardens, were rockstars and truly helped my vision become a reality! And lastly, Lex Nelson and Adam Ghantous captured our day beautifully, and I will forever be grateful for their amazing work that we get to cherish forever.

The Vendors
Photographer: Lex Nelson Photography| Videographer: Adam Ghantous
Florals: Town & Country Gardens| Catering: Chic Chef | Cake & Sweets: The Sugar Path |
DJ/Ceremony Musician: Sounds Abound| Makeup: I Do Two Bridal Bar | Alcohol: Drinks on Me Catering

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