Sarah & Jason 07.15.18


Sarah and Jason’s love story began with a dating app. They immediately wanted to get to know each other once noticing they were both teachers.

Sarah loves that Jason will do anything to make her laugh no matter how outrageous he may look.


He cares so much about his family, and it’s never hard to see that spending time with them is one of his favorite things to do. Jason can play video games for hours on end, so he will find creative ways to spend time with me while still playing!

Sarah doesn’t laugh at other people’s jokes, but she always laughs at mine. We have equal reactions to cute animals. She will save pictures and videos of cute animals that I would like and show me later. She is also kind to everyone she meets!

The next chapter of their lives would begin on Christmas Eve when Jason proposed to Sarah.

J&S-21 (1)

My computer needed a new hard drive, so he got me the hard drive as a present and hid the ring inside the box. I had a feeling he might be proposing that night because he kept pushing forward our time to exchange gifts. I was definitely surprised when I unwrapped my present and found the ring!

When it came time to find a venue to celebrate their big day, Sarah and Jason wanted something cozy and comforting.

It’s a venue that’s beautiful and relaxed at the same time. We were able to add some decorations to customize it for our day, but we did not need to add much. It also fulfilled all of our needs for the day in one location from getting ready to the ceremony and then the reception.


The best part of the wedding day for Sarah and Jason was when they finally got to sit down to eat as husband and wife and see all of their friends and family enjoying themselves.

Sarah’s advice for newly engaged couples is to make the big planning decisions early so you can enjoy your engagement with less stress.

Wedding Vendors
Photographer: The Still Life Photography | Floral: Town & Country Gardens
Cake & Sweets: Herb’s Bakery | Caterer: Uncle Bub’s
DJ: Back Third Entertainment | Bar: Drinks on Me Catering
Late Night Food: Mama Lee’s Popcorn
Makeup: Third Street Salon | Hair: Lauren Christine Salon

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