Adriana & Kyle 07.23.21


Adriana and Kyle met during their last year of college where they shared their final Capstone course together. This class required them to be broken into groups, allowing them an opportunity to meet.

We somehow *winks* ended up in the same group, which sort-of leads into the next answer ….


We have to count our first group project hangout. We’re still close friends with two of the members of our group! We made snowmen, built forts, I stole Kyle’s phone to download the Tamagotchi app, which was still only available on Android at the time, and asked him to take care of it. He texts me the next day asking to hang out alone after mentioning my Tamagotchi died. Rude…. glad I gave him a second chance though and we watched Disney & Pixar movies all night while I nurtured our little Tamagotchi back to life.


There were multiple times [we knew], each one more reassuring than the next. However, we can pinpoint a conversation in the car on the way home from a graduation party at his parent’s house in Milwaukee. We stopped somewhere to eat before finishing the ride and our waitress was telling us about how her husband just left for England so they could arrange his papers to become a citizen here. She said they married after only 6 months (we were on month 5 and having serious discussions about moving to New York City so that I could work at Kleinfeld) and when talking about her on the rest of the drive, Kyle asked if I would marry him. Not in a serious way but asking if I would consider it. Without hesitation or any fear, I said ‘Yes’. He smiled, laughed, and I could tell he was relieved because he felt the same way. 

We don’t think we can establish who was interested first, however, I certainly made the first move in showing I wanted a little ~more~. I’ve always been awkward around people I thought were cute but something was telling me not to let this one go. 


Everything about us is quirky – or so at least we feel that way! 

Kyle brings out my serious side, I bring out his silly side, we each bring out our youthful side and I’m pretty sure we’ll always be big kids. I enable his love for video games – we own over 10 different gaming systems and I’m hoping we can collect more – and he enables my love for all things nerd (especially Harry Potter… I collect random HP things) and music. 


Our first dance song was “The Spin You’ve Got Me In” by Death and a Cure but the song “Blinded by Your Grace Part II” by Stormzy is up there.

I surprised Kyle with walking down the aisle to Stormzy for our Minimony and that whole moment I can still imagine in slow motion. ❤


In Lincoln Park! I was in town for work and decided to stay a few extra days to spend time with my family. My siblings were planning a surprise anniversary party for my parents and it was my job to ‘get them there’. Meanwhile, my sister and bestie were advising me on what to wear (hence the white dress). When my parents and I arrived at the hotel Kyle walked up behind me and surprised me then asks to go for a walk. At that point, I had gathered what was happening but my body was on auto-pilot. He proposed under the honeycomb arch which was kept clear by the photographer. I was so excited he booked a photographer and even more-so when I realized it was Soob (one of the two friends in our group)! 

As if that wasn’t enough, the party wasn’t for my parents, it was for us. Our closest friends and family joined us for an engagement party on a rooftop. 


My favorite part of the day was seeing all our guests enjoying themselves at dinner. We had placed our sweetheart table in the center of the long wall instead of in front of the window on the long end.

This allowed for maximum *soaking in* and our guests would wave as they passed the table. They’d come and chat. It was amazing!

Can I add a second?

…when taking photos in a nearby courtyard, the landlord to the building offered us to go inside thinking we’d enjoy taking photos there. This brought us to the AMAZING photos in the hallway with the high ceilings and where the fireplace is.

He even brought over a ladder (without asking) when I fluffed my train out to get Kayla to try and take a photo from above. 


Honestly, as soon as we walked in it felt very ‘us’.The skeleton of the piano outside the restrooms on the second floor, the rooftop – should I go on? Hehe. Kyle and I are very outdoorsy people so we loved the wood vibe and brought in color with the flowers (and dress(es)). 


My sister got me the book “wedding planning for dummies” and one chapter really resonated with us. The bride and groom should each [separately] write down three things from their ‘dream’ wedding they absolutely want. Non-negotiable I would call them.

For me it was: A custom wedding gown (I did work in bridal for 8 years so I wanted something special), a mariachi and I got to pick the music the bridal party and I walked down to (it was “Fawkes the Phoenix” for the bridal party and “Blinded by Your Grace” for me). 

Kyle’s were: a custom suit (he should have that feeling too!), a good DJ and an open bar. 

Then we came up with three things we, as a couple, wanted at the venue. String lights, exposed brick and a sweetheart table. 

We’ve been together a number of years and have always been committed. However, there’s something special and fun about saying “my husband” or “my wife”. The EXTRA security that comes with having a partner for life. It’s amazing and there’s nothing like it.


EVERYONE! OH MY GOODNESS! I’ll stan The Haight for anyone looking for a fun, unique experience. Even with all the weddings I’ve seen on Instagram, it’s awesome to see everyone’s personal touches on their own events. Y’all were super sweet, easy to work with, and never made me feel bad that I was a bit scatterbrained. I had full trust in your whole team and that’s not something a lot of brides have told me over the years. 

Our photographer Kayla who shot our Minimony as well as our Sequel Wedding. Every single picture brings back a rush of emotions. We vibed so well and I hope I’m a bride she decides to *keep* (a term I used when I decided I wanted to keep in touch with a bride after working with them). Special shoutout to her second shooter (and brother) who played Jupiter the Bringer of Jollity when I asked for happy orchestra music to play during the shoot by the fireplace. My own cello is named after the composer of that song! I told him and we all got even more giddy!

My hair and make-up artists Kim and Lauren. I loved getting to know them during my extended time planning the wedding (thanks COVID) and was super impressed with how intuitive they were when styling each bridesmaid. They all received so many compliments! Not to mention my hair color is also by Kim. SO glad I not only found them as hair and makeup artists but I also now have a hair stylist for-e-ver. Hope she’s okay with keeping me too! 

Maria Elena Headpieces (Gisele!) for creating for me the PERFECT headpiece without even knowing it. 

My sister and sister in law who planned both the Minimony and Sequel Wedding because I hate planning and they still kicked butt with 2 and 3 kids respectively. Mom’s truly are rockstars. 

Both our parents for being the best example of love and showing us what true partnership looks like through all walks of life. 

And lastly…

Mark Zunino Couture from Bridal Reflections in New York City. I feel so lucky to know both Mark and Breanna, his rep, and to have had full confidence that even though I wasn’t sure what my dress would look like, they’d make it perfect. There was so much love put into the whole wedding experience – We feel so lucky! 



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