Holly & Wyatt 01.05.19

The Meeting

image4Holly and Wyatt first met in October of 2015. Holly plays music in Nashville and at the time, Wyatt had been spinning records in Ohio on a classic country radio station while pursuing an artist career in Nashville.  They got to know each other through mutual friends on social media.

We struck up conversation after I found a link to listen to him live on the radio and once he figured out that I was listening, he started sending out cute songs to get my attention. By then I had a pretty good idea that he was interested in me, as I was him.

The First Date image1

After a few days of getting to know each other, we knew right away that we both wanted more than a friendship. That next weekend, Wyatt drove to Nashville from Ohio to take me out on a date! However, the place we planned to go to ended up being PACKED so we drove to a little coffee shop nearby and spent hours there talking and getting to know each other.

The Moment

Rae©2019-113 (1).jpgWe both knew we’d be getting married after our first date. We knew what we had was really special! In fact, I called my mom afterwards and said, “Mom… this guy is THE ONE!”

The Quirkiest Things

Wyatt is a total guitar GEEK! He frequently has to get out all of his guitars at once just to look at them or take pictures of them… Like why?


Holly is extremely detail oriented and pays close attention to the little things that most people don’t even think about. She’s also a great impersonator because of this!

The Song 

Music is the foundation of our relationship… we love “Feels Like Home” written by Randy Newman. Our favorite version of this song was recorded by Bonnie Raitt. We also created our own version of this song and sang it to one another during our ceremony.

The Proposal

Rae©2019-54Wyatt knew that I didn’t want anything elaborate. My favorite thing about him is how simple he is and I just wanted him to simply ask me. He ended up making it extra special by recreating our first date. He drove me around Nashville and stopped in front of that little coffee shop. I wanted something simple and that’s exactly what he did, in the front seat of his car, where we have spent countless nights talking about our future together and making plans with one another.

The BIG Day

HOLLY: My favorite part of our wedding day was at the very end of the evening. We IMG_0175cleared the room and had one last dance without any distractions or people looking at us and of course we kept our photographer and videographer to capture it all. It was just so special to have that final moment outside of all the excitement and just soak in what a beautiful day we had together. It was honestly our first moment alone since the ceremony and so very special. I recommend every couple take the last 3 min of the evening to do this. I sob every time that I watch the video!


image2 (1)

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WYATT: My favorite part of the evening was dinner…HAHA not just because the food was amazing but because I finally felt like I could relax and enjoy celebrating the evening with my new wife!


The Venue

We chose The Haight because of how unique it was, and the atmosphere complimented on our personal style so well! I’m originally from Cherry Valley, Illinois but because we had a lot of out of town guests, we had to look elsewhere. We LOVED the fact that it was an all in one venue. Our entire wedding day was celebrated at the same place and once our guests arrived, they didn’t have to go anywhere else. Our out of town guests really appreciated this!

The Dress 

IMG_0274The dress was the most difficult part of planning for me! I went to every boutique in Nashville and probably tried on 100 dresses before I walked into David’s Bridal and tried on a Melissa Sweet Gown. This was the only dress that made me feel like Holly, the Bride! I absolutely loved my dress!

The Marriage

Rae©2019-28We spend so much more time together now that we aren’t in a long distance relationship. We are really starting to really understand one another.. quirks and all! We are definitely getting comfortable with each other so I have noticed that we do a lot more laughing now than ever!

The Advice

Plan the evening that you two want together and don’t get too overwhelmed with trying to plan the perfect day! If you two truly love one another, that’s what will make your day beautiful! Your guests will leave with full hearts because of this!


The Shout Outs

Amy Riefenstahl with The Rustique Swan was a God send to me. She is by far one of the most talented individuals I have ever met. She took my vision and created the most beautiful evening out of it. She went into great detail for me and took the time to study me and Wyatt so that she could perfectly represent our relationship with her design. I absolutely could not have done it without her and through all of this she has become a dear friend of mine. I encourage anyone who may be planning a wedding or event to consider The Rustique Swan. You will not be disappointed!


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