Kelsey & Mike 09.28.18

Kelsey and Mike-371.jpg

The Meeting

Kelsey and Mike-406.jpgKelsey and Mike first met in high school. Senior year they became friends when they were paired up as lab partners in microbiology class. Their connection was instant and they went on to spend a lot of time together that year.

Mike would pick me up for dates in the 1990s Chevy Caviler with silver flames that he painted on himself. It wasn’t until a year after we graduated high school in 2010 that we made our relationship official.


Kelsey and Mike-24.jpgThe Moment

Mike and I got to grow up together from being just 19-year-olds—we always had each other to lean on, through college, and starting our careers. We both knew we were meant for each other.

The ProposalKelsey and Mike-27-2.jpg

Finally after seven years together Mike proposed in our home with just the two of us and, of course, our dogs Levi and Ella. I knew something was up because he kept calling to ask when I would be home from work, which was very odd. The bigger the surprise was him putting together a little engagement party that night with out family and friends.

The Wedding Day

Our wedding day was perfect; Mike and I were both thrilled to celebrate with our friends and family. For both of us while sitting at dinner at the front of the room and looking out at everyone who was there for us was a very humbling moment and something we will both remember forever.


Kelsey and Mike-8.jpgThe Venue

Both Mike and I always said we did not want to have our wedding in a typical banquet hall we wanted a venue that was unique. Mike’s work holiday party was at The Haight and we both knew that was where we wanted our wedding. We did not even look at any other venues.


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The Shout Outs

We had an incredible vendor team behind us to make our day special. Cranes Chicago Photography captured our day perfectly. Our florist MC Designs put our vision together.



The Marriage

Since Mike and I have been married we have enjoyed the process of becoming a stronger couple. We are no longer two individuals in a relationship we are a unified couple working together towards our best life. We are both excited to see what the future holds for us.

Kelsey and Mike-496.jpg
The Vendors
Photographer & Photobooth: Crane’s Photography| Videographer: Kevin Wagen Cinematography | Florals: MC Designs, Inc.
Catering: Cuisine America | Late Night Food: Danny’s on Douglas | Cake & Sweets: Herb’s Bakery
DJ & Ceremony Musician: DJs For You | Ceremony Musician: Lauren Canitia
Hair/Makeup:Kara Stiverson & Bella Makeup | Alcohol: Drinks on Me Catering


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