Kristen & Eddie 09.23.18

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The Meeting

Eddie and Kristen first met at Batavia High School when she was 16 years old. They never dated in high school but shared many mutual friends throughout the years. After graduating in 2002 they went off to college and a few years later they reconnected.

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The First Date

Our first date was when we reconnected when I went out to New York for a work trip and Eddie was finishing up college while living in New Jersey (just 40 minutes from New York City).Portraits (32 of 58) Eleven years ago in August of 2007 he met me in New York after my work meetings and we went site seeing in Times Square. He showed me all around New York and we went out to dinner. A month later after many phone calls back and forth and one more trip out to New York we started dating and did long distance for four months before he moved out here after the holidays. He moved in with buddies from high school and I continued to live with my one of my girlfriends.

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Two months into their relationship, Eddie and Kristen were at a Halloween party with some drinks when Eddie admitted to her that he would marry her.

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They say sometimes a drunk man’s words are the most honest. It kind of scared me at first but, honestly, I knew shortly after our first year dating that one day he would be my husband. I had never felt that instant connection like I did with Eddie, he just understood me and made me feel safe. There is endless laughter with his sense of humor.

The Quirkiest Things

Portraits (45 of 58)We both are completely polar opposites but somehow we go together like bacon and eggs. I’m always trying to cram a million things in one day. Portraits (34 of 58)Eddie is way more practical on his time. He is always on time. I’m always late. I’m very organized…and he is a bit messy. He is a way better driver than me… I’m the worst parallel parker ever. I love reality dating shows like the Bachelor and Bachelorette and Fixer Upper and while he loves watching all sports and WWE on television when he has free time or listening to podcasts.

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The Proposal

First Look (2 of 25)For my 33rd birthday, he gave me a card that said this year I was getting an entire birthday week with the theme “Past, Present & Future.” I was adopted at three days old and had always been curious about my biological parents family history so the first gift he gave me was a DNA test from I found out that I’m 70% from England! First Look (19 of 25)The next day he got me a gift card to my favorite ramen restaurant, another day he got me a Polaroid camera (I love taking photos), and on another I received some baking things (I love to cook). My last present was a hand-carved wooden card that said, “Will you give me the honor of being my wife.” It was a week full of beautiful surprises…I was really impressed by all his planning.

The Wedding

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Reception (142 of 176).jpgWhen all the guests sat down for dinner, we both looked around the beautifully decorated dining room were filled with so much joy. So many people in that room had been there from the beginning of our journey and witnessed the growth of our love story. We felt very thankful to have our family and friends surrounding us.

The Song

Honestly there are a lot of songs we both love. Our first dance was “Die A Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett, which we finally decided on because our favorite thing to do is travel—traveling and adventure was our wedding theme. The lyrics in the song were beautiful and we just felt it was the one song we could agree on.

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The Venue

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True story—after three minutes, I knew The Haight was the venue I wanted. As soon as we walked upstairs I looked at Eddie and said, “This is it babe. This is the spot.” Details (63 of 67).jpgHe said, “Well we have to make some guest cuts to keep it at the 150 number.” I said, “Deal, as long as we can have it here. This place is special I can just feel it.” We both felt the venue was perfect and we’re so pleased with how helpful and amazing all the staff were. Briana and Nicole were awesome during the entire wedding process.Details (60 of 67).jpg

The Marriage

Details (4 of 67)It has made us feel more connected as a couple. I feel like we have a deeper love for one another and we have learned to communicate better… and compromise too! Eddie keeps me grounded and I need that. He reminds me not work too much and to make time for us and family time because that is what is most important. I love him for that.

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The Advice

Details (36 of 67).jpgBest advice I could give is to remember that this is your day! We did a lot of personalized decorations to tell our love story. Remember to listen to each other.Bridal Details (13 of 27) Remember to take little breaks from all wedding planning. Each week we would set time to plan the wedding, but also make time for just us—whether it was just seeing a movie together, going out to dinner , or playing arcade games at Dave & Busters. Mini dates with just “us” reminded us that we love each other and this is why we’re getting married! Sounds simple, but that year of planning got a little stressful at times so it was important to take the time to do the simple things we love the most.

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The Shoutouts

Mayor Kevin Burns, the Mayor of Geneva, who officiated our wedding (we were his first wedding he ever did). He did it as a thank you for all the special events and marketing I do to promote the city of Geneva for the past 14 years I’ve worked in Geneva.

Ceremony (48 of 103)

Reception (176 of 176)Grahams Fine Chocolates & Ice Cream did and ice cream bar dipping station and Graham’s 318 Coffeehouse for my beautiful red velvet wedding cake and hand dipped in Graham’s homemade chocolate cake pops.

Sergio’s Cantina for all the reception food and the awesome tortilla soup bar station which was a hit for our guests and 1910 Geneva for the cocktail hour appetizers.

Town & Country Gardens! They did an amazing job…loved everything they did for us!

Our awesome photographers and videographers—husband and wife team, The Sieger’s Photo & Video. Josh and Sabrina were so easy to work with and they captured our wedding day so beautifully.Bridal Details (14 of 27)

OS2 Salon located in downtown Geneva came to us and did our hair and makeup. They did an awesome job!

Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos were awesome and also were recommended by Briana, I believe, and said how they were great to work with on previous weddings held at The Haight.

The Vendors
Photographer & Videographer: The Sieger’s Photo & Video
Florals: Catherine’s Gardens| Catering: Sergio’s Cantina | Cake & Sweets: Graham’s 318 Coffeehouse
Late Night Food: Danny’s Pizza & Graham’s Fine Chocolates & Ice Cream
Ceremony Musician: Main Event DJ | Reception Band: Felix & Fingers Dueling Pianos | Photobooth: Tic-Tac-Tag
Hair & Makeup: OS2 Salon| Alcohol: Drinks on Me Catering

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