Vendor Spotlight: Oh So Lovely Photography


We are so excited to feature Esther Stirbu of Oh So Lovely Photography for this week’s Vendor Spotlight! Esther is currently on her 4th year of being in the wedding photography industry.


Getting started was interesting. I actually dropped out of college not knowing what my future looked like, and photography was not on my mind at the time. One year passed and realized I loved creating content for others. My husband David encouraged me to start pursuing photography as a career. Fast forward 4 years, I am a self-taught, successful owner of my business.


“I am very grateful for where life has led me!”

Esther loves the diversity of each wedding. No matter how many she has done, the excitement is always new.


Each couple has their own style, their own traditions, their own personalities, it’s beautiful. Meeting all sorts of people celebrating the same thing—love—is beautiful.

Esther’s favorite time to shoot is the fall.

Not too hot; not too cold; plus all the beautiful colors!

Even in such a competitive industry, Esther believes that she brings something different to the table.

I would like to consider my style as modern but classic. I think my photos portray that.


During Esther’s first year, she only did fifteen weddings. Gradually she jumped to thirty-eight, then forty, and currently she’s at twenty-five and counting going into 2019.

In regards to first looks, Esther thinks they are a great way to calm your nerves about the day. She says it’s almost as if you can see stress melting off the couple when they see each other!

When it comes to your wedding day, Esther doesn’t follow a shot list, rather she knows that her couples trust in her direction and goes with the flow of the day.


I never want to force any moment or emotion.


There are so many moments throughout the day that Esther could classify as her favorite, but the moment after the couple says, “I do” always stands out.


To me , the emotion couples have at this point is PURE HAPPINESS and it is so evident. I love capturing that raw emotion.


After shooting a few weddings at The Haight, we are so happy that Esther enjoys working with us as much as we do her.

I am always cared for and treated with respect by the staff. The location itself is one-of-a-kind, perfect for those modern and unique couples.


Esther’s advice to newly engaged couples planning their weddings is to pause and take in the overwhelming love surrounding them.


It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to fit everything in your schedule but if something doesn’t go according to plan, don’t stress. Take in every second because the day zooms by!


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