Katie & Alex 05.19.18

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Katie and Alex first met in elementary school and developed a 7th grade romance—mostly over AIM. They would go on to different high schools and colleges only to find each other again years later.

Katie loves Alex’s sense of humor and that he is always making her laugh, whether he is trying to or not (most of the time, he is not).


He is such a positive person—he is always reminding me that everything is going to be fine and I should chill out a little. He just gets me, and we don’t have to try very hard to make this thing work.

Alex would probably say that I’m considerate and thoughtful—but I wish he would say something like she’s the most fun and laid back person I have ever met! Haha!

When it came time for the proposal, Alex knew exactly what Katie would like. He sent a limo to pick her up at her house and when she got in, it was filled with snacks! The limo took her to the park they love where he was waiting for her with champagne. When Alex asked her to marry him, she of course said yes!

The search for a venue wasn’t all that easy for Alex and Katie. They really wanted a place that would fit the right amount of guests and still have character and charm. Along with Katie’s mom, they visited The Haight during an open house after seeing the pictures online.

As soon as I walked upstairs, I cried. I am not a crier and I am not a cheesy, romantic girl so this was weird. I was smitten. I love string lights and walking into a room filled with string lights (that are included at no additional charge!) was perfect.

What sealed the deal for me was I realized what song that was playing as we walked in. It was ‘Happy’ by Pharrel and that was the song my dad claimed as his life song near the end of his life.

_And he's incredibly good looking!_

I think we would both say our favorite part of the day was the ceremony and when we finally got to see each other. We were both so excited to make it official and to have our most favorite people all together.

Katie’s advice for newly engaged couples is to think of small details you can incorporate that are really all about you two. Those are the ideas you won’t find on Pinterest, and the things that you and your guests will remember!


Think of things that you both laugh about, or that you both love and think of ways you can have those touches be a part of your wedding. Think of small ways you can have surprises for each other that they aren’t expecting. I surprised Alex by having the cake we cut into to be a cheesecake because I know it’s his favorite.


We also had hostess fruit pies as part of our late night snack because Alex loves them. I really wanted our bridal party to know how much we love and appreciate them so we made silly biographies about them all and printed pictures of them as an ‘introduction’ for our guests without our bridal party knowing we were going to do that.


“Instead of a ‘Bride’s Drink’ and ‘Groom’s Drink’ we decided our signature during was going to be MGD 64 because that’s what my dad drank and he passed away a few years ago.”

It’s just those small things that have meaning.


Wedding Vendors
Planner: Rural 27
Photographer: Karen Shoufler Photography
Flowers: Town & Country Gardens| Catering: My Chef Catering | Cake & Sweets: Two Whisks Bakery
Videographer: Our Wedding Movie| DJ: Music by Design | Photobooth: Icon Photobooth
Late Night Snacks: Danny’s on Douglas Pizza & Hostess Fruit Pies
Hair & Makeup: Brio Beauty Bar
Alcohol: Drinks on Me Catering

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