Laura & Drew 10.08.17


Laura and Drew first met on an app called “Coffee Meets Bagel” when they matched on Christmas day in 2015.


I always laugh that he was the best Christmas present I have ever received!

They hit it off on their first date when they went to go bowling, but found out the wait would be two hours, so instead went to Target and got Sonic Milkshakes.

The second time we ever met we knew we wanted to start dating.


In July 2016, Laura knew Drew was the one on their road trip to Laura’s family’s cottage in Michigan. During their eight-hour drive, the two of them talked about their futures, hopes, dreams, passions, goals, etc.

Needless to say, after that weekend on the eight-hour drive home, we basically spent the time planning our wedding.


Drew’s favorite things about Laura are her spontaneity, how she values relationships with those closest to her, and how happy she makes him.

She works to build our marriage and makes me a better man to lead our marriage. I love being married to her and experiencing life’s greatest adventures with her!


Laura loves countless things about Drew: his attention to detail, his thoughtfulness, the way he looks on the positive side and has such a good attitude.

Traveling with him is the BEST—it’s like having a real tour guide on hand all the time. Drew is an awesome husband who daily works hard to be the best he can be while helping me be the best I can be!


On December 8, 2016, Drew’s birthday, Laura threw him a surprise party…little did she know, the next day she had the BIGGEST surprise coming her way. She thought they were going to the city to celebrate her birthday, but was thrown off when he picked her up in a rented Audi instead of her picking him up.

We went to the Shedd Aquarium and after seeing an exhibit, he suggested we make a tradition and “get a photo with the city in the background.” We walked down to the Adler Planetarium and I asked a lady with a camera to take our photo. Turns out it was the photographer he hired! Next thing I know he is talking, getting down on one knee, and asking me to marry him! Our closest friends came out of the Planetarium and we celebrated with a surprise dinner at The Signature Room. He put SO much thought and detail into the entire day!


When it came time to pick a venue, Laura and Drew chose The Haight because of the “genuine aesthetic” behind the venue—unique with an artsy vibe, and they loved the brick and industrial style. Three months before their engagement, Laura told Drew that The Haight was her dream venue. They made an appointment to go see it, but Laura chickened out because she thought it was too much to pick a venue before they were even engaged.

Seeing The Haight book up so fast, I was nervous I was giving up my dream of getting married in October 2017, but little did I know, Drew went to that appointment and booked my dream venue for an October 8, 2017 wedding. He revealed the surprise after proposing and I cried for about a week in excitement!




The best part was that I had only seen pictures and never been inside. So the week after we got engaged, he made an appointment for me to go to check out the venue and it was even better than I imagined!

Laura’s favorite part of the day was during dinner when her and Drew were looking around at their closest family and friends.

We were sitting there knowing “WE MADE IT! AND IT’S BETTER THAN WE EVER HOPE AND DREAMED!” We loved that we got to truly enjoy our day, remember the details, and make the most of it!

Drew-Laura-Blog-Images-98 (1).jpg


Laura and Drew have a lot of advice for newlyweds and engaged couples, starting with, “YOU GOT THIS!”

Don’t be discouraged when something doesn’t go the way you thought it would. Use this as time to work together, grow closer with one another, and learn about one another. It’s so important to stop and listen to one another, to better understand the heart behind what is said, and to grow as a true team!

Remember to not forget—you are on the same team, so work together!


Laura’s advice for the bride—try on your dress one more time before your wedding day! My seamstress cut the string that held the inside of my dress up so we had to use the same tape that holds the white flowers to the brick in the upstairs room to hold my dress to my body. The florist saved the day and my dress the morning of my wedding!

Wedding Vendors:
Photographer: Liller Photo
Flowers: Town & Country Gardens | Catering: Q-BBQ | Catering Staff, Cake, & Sweets: Cuisine America
Hair & Makeup: Angelo Torres| DJ: Jordan Chapman
Photo booth: Icon Video Photo Booth | Event Rentals: A-Z Rental


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