Kylie & Ryan 07.21.17

© Esenam Photography -

© Esenam Photography –

Kylie and Ryan met during their last two weeks of student teaching in Chicago. Once they started spending time with one another, they learned that their families only lived fifteen minutes from each other. Shortly after student teaching, the two started dating and the rest is history!

Kylie loves everything about Ryan.

I enjoy everything we do together, we have fun doing anything.  I love that he is willing to try new adventures and travel. I love his dedication to everything he does and his ability to make friends with just about anyone—he is very outgoing.

Kylie Smith - Kylie & Ryan's Wedding-889.jpg

Ryan is always looking forward to his next adventure with Kylie.

I like that Kylie is up for new things and that we have fun doing the simple things like throwing a Frisbee in the backyard. I also like how passionate she is about everything she does.

Kylie and Ryan are very family oriented and once Kylie learned that they shared that quality, she knew Ryan was the one.

He is thoughtful, humorous, hardworking, and puts everyone before him. What’s not to love? Watching him interact with my family so naturally and seeing my family easily interact with him made me happy.

Ryan’s proposal took Kylie completely by surprise while on vacation in Arcadia National Park, Maine. After hiking all day, they were eventually the only ones on the trail.

When we got to the top we had stopped to take in the views and before heading back, he proposed.

The two knew what they were looking for in a venue when it came time to find where they were going to get married.

We knew our style and vision for our wedding was to be unique, rustic, and provide us and our guests with an unforgettable night. The Haight did that and so much more; the atmosphere is so welcoming and intimate, the staff was dedicated and helpful. The Haight is a simple, beautiful blend of rustic, comfort, and warmth.

Ryan’s favorite part of the day was seeing Kylie walk down the aisle.

We both agree that one of our favorite parts was our first dance. We also enjoyed how much fun our guests had.

© Esenam Photography -

Halfway through the reception, both Ryan and Kylie realized they never signed their marriage certificate after the ceremony!

Ryan rushed over to our pastor, in the middle of dancing to ask if we were even married! No need to worry though, it was already taken care of!

Kylie’s advice for newly engaged couples is to not get stressed out about the little details and enjoy every moment of your engagement, wedding, and marriage.

© Esenam Photography -

Wedding Vendors:
Photographer: Esenam Photography
Flowers: Debi’s Designs | Food: Cuisine America
Salon: Blush Salon| DJ: Fun Time Music

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