Nevair & Micah 6.18.17

NEVAIR & MICAH.pngNevair and Micah first met in college and reconnected again in March 2016 in Florida. He was on Facebook and saw that she would be traveling to Florida with a friend for vacation, so he asked if she’d want to meet up for dinner while in town and she said yes!

Though we didn’t hit if off right away, probably because I was way too quiet and socially awkward, a few weeks after hanging out, he continued to contact me, (though I was living in Chicago and he in Florida) and we got to know each other long distance.


Because of our shared faith in Christ, deep, intentional conversations, and common core values/beliefs, Micah and I knew pretty early on (within the first two months) that we were going to marry each other.


Nevair’s favorite things about Micah include his loyalty, sensitivity, compassion, and his smile.


And he makes me laugh like no other. Getting married to your best friend is always a great thing.

Micah loves Nevair’s patience, her kindness, her eyes, quirky humor, and spontaneity (within reason).


Since their entire relationship was long distance, they went a little old school and expressed their love for each other through pen and paper, sometimes sending several letters a week. Micah knew Nevair wanted something personable and simple when it came to the proposal.

I came to school on December 9, 2016 and saw an envelope on my desk with my name on it in Michah’s handwriting. That was the first of four letters I received that day. In each letter, he talked about our relationship and how much he loved me, and at the top of each letter was a word from, “Will You Marry Me”. Micah had letter number four, ME, when I saw him after school that day. He surprised me by coming into town and proposing!


Long distance.png

The Haight was Nevair and Micah’s first and only choice for where to celebrate their wedding day.

We loved the rustic, industrial, modern feel to it and it fit our personalities perfectly.

Nevair & Micah Quote.png

The best part of their wedding day was their ceremony and the Armenian dancing they did all night.

We also loved the opportunity to celebrate our wedding day with family and friends who have prayed, supported, and loved us.

Nevair’s advice for newly engaged couples planning their wedding is to have fun planning and make things unique to you as a couple, but to not obsess over every single detail.


Wedding Vendors:
Photography: Allison Salsbury Photography|Videographer: Sandra Armenteros Photography|Catering: Chef By Request
Florals: Petals Farm|DJ: DJ Zohrab | Photo Booth: Icon Photo

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