Ginny & Dan 10.14.17

Ginny and Dan met over Memorial Day weekend in 2011 when Ginny and her five girlfriends took a train to Wrigleyville for a Cubs game. Her best friend, Lisa, made plans to meet up with one her college friends, Benny (the best man)—who brought along a few friends, one of them being Dan.

It is hard to pinpoint when I knew that Dan was the one. Maybe it was the first day I met him, when I was too afraid to ask the owner of a dog at Sheffield music fest if I could pet their dog; so he went and did it for me.

Or maybe it was when he surprised me and dropped by Harper College’s Dental Hygiene Clinic to surprise me with lunch between patients before we were even dating.


Or maybe it was when he kissed me on the forehead on our first date. Or maybe it was on our second date when he said, “I feel so lucky to be here with you.”


It could be that I look forward to his (now mine too) annual family vacation in Destin more than Christmas time (and I love Christmas)!

He just set the bar too high for anyone that would have come after him.

Ginny loves that Dan is a walking dictionary and her voice of reason. She loves his honesty, morals, and how safe he makes her feel


Dan is one of the smartest people I know. If we get a new appliance, I forgo the instructions and rip it out of the box; if he wasn’t there to stop me half the time and tell me to read the directions first I am not sure how many things in our house would be broke.

He is just the greatest.

Dan loves that Ginny is a hard worker and perfectionist.

He is always telling me that it is okay to rest once in a while and not constantly be working on something or cleaning something. I also make him laugh, whether I am trying to or not; just by being me.


Dan proposed to Ginny during a trip to Sedona, Arizona in 2016.

“To this day, I am not sure if he was planning to do it on the morning hike that he had to take solo due to my hangover from too many prickly pear margaritas the night before.”—Dan swears she did not ruin it.

Once Ginny’s hangover subsided and she started getting ready for dinner, Dan put on her favorite band—Sister Hazel.


Dan wrote lyrics from a Sister Hazel song in blue to be Ginny’s something blue on the bottom of her wedding day cowgirl boots. She had no idea until she was in the bridal suite.

She figured he just put it on to pass the time, but she could see out the door of the bathroom that he was pacing back and forth.

Here I am thinking that he is just mad that I was so hungover today and that I might make us late for dinner. So I went out into the family room and I asked him what his deal was. Turns out he was just super nervous because he was about to get down on one knee and propose.


TOTAL SURPRISE. Moments later champagne and chocolate strawberries were at the door and a town car waiting in the front to take us to dinner. If this was thrown together that day due to me not making it on our morning hike, he did a great job!


When it came time to find a venue to celebrate their wedding, Ginny and Dan were looking for a space that could fit a casual yet elegant vibe.

I was wearing gold frye cowgirl boots…what other venue went better with those boots?! We wanted country music during dinner and we wanted southern/comfort themed food. Again…this went perfect with The Haight dining area.


The venue is just so unique, yet GORGEOUS at the same time! Lastly, Briana—she was amazing from the second we met her. She made us feel so at ease. We cancelled all other venue appointments after our first look at The Haight and meeting with Briana.

The best part of the day was dinner at our sweetheart table—country music; delicious food; Michelob Ultra; champagne in our fancy coupe glasses; and looking out at the people we love the most.

Ginny’s advice for newly engaged couples is to remember it is your day!


Do you. Make it reflect you. And don’t stress. It will all come together!

Wedding Vendors:
Photography: Maria Harte Photography|Catering: Eventastik
Florals: Town & Country Gardens|DJ: DJ Kevin Barker | Cake & Sweets: Herb’s Bakery
Make Up: Tara B Artistry|Hair: Three One Two Bridal


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