Nicole & Dave 11.18.17


Nicole and Dave met 18 years ago (!) while Nicole was lifeguarding at a local pool in the subdivision that Dave had just moved into. He was walking his dog around the pond near the pool when one of Nicole’s friends called him over. From that day forward, the two of them were friends.

If you ask Dave, he will tell you that he knew from the first moment he met me that I was the one.


I didn’t realize he was the one until many years later. I finally figured out why we seemed to always find our way back to one another, there was always something there between us, and little did I know it was true LOVE!


For all these years it was right in front of me and I had no idea.

Nicole loves Dave’s sense of humor, his kind heart, his loyalty, and his ability to say exactly how he is feeling no matter what.

He is so genuine and sensitive and truly is the sweetest man I have ever met.

With a confidence that is contagious, Dave is always able to stand up for what is right…even if that means he’s standing alone and that’s another thing that Nicole finds truly wonderful about him.

In turn, Dave admires many things about his wife.

I love her smile and her eyes; she is just beautiful. I absolutely love her personality, her wittiness, competitive nature, and her sense of humor.


On August 15, 2016, Nicole planned a surprise party for Dave’s birthday at a Mexican restaurant downtown with all of his friends.

The plan was that Dave and I were going to spend the weekend in the city and just celebrate his birthday, just the two of us.

The two of them went on an architectural tour of the city, out to lunch, and then checked into their hotel. He had no idea that for dinner they would be going to his surprise party!

He was always planning on proposing that weekend (I had no idea!). His friends had to keep TWO secrets… my surprise for Dave and his surprise for me!


Nicole included a funny side note: While her and Dave were on the architectural tour, a guy proposed to his girlfriend and Nicole leaned over to Dave and said, “What a horrible way to propose, yuck!” Little did she know that Dave had planned to propose during the tour as well, he quickly changed his plans!

Later that evening just before dinner Dave was about to propose when Nicole pointed out that she forgot all of her silver jewelry at home, but changed his mind. When they arrived to the restaurant all of Dave’s friends jumped out and surprised him, but went on to act strange throughout the night, whispering at the end of the table and exchanging glances.


When it was time to eat, two friends were missing which confused Nicole but Dave assured her they were just outside or grabbing a drink at the bar.

At one point, Dave stood up and hit the table with his fist, I looked at him and said, “what are you doing?” since he isn’t a speech type of guy. He proceeded to thank everyone for being there for his birthday and he thanked me for organizing it. Next, he said, “Nicole, I have just one more thing to ask you,” he got down on one knee and whipped out the ring! I jumped out of my seat and said, “yes!” Then grabbed his face and kissed him!


Now when Nicole tells the story she can add that Dave’s missing friends went back to the hotel to get the ring so that he could propose!


He later told me that he asked my mom two days before instead of going to the gym like he told me. When he got home that night, he was all sweaty and I remember pointing out that he must have had a great workout. Now I know that he dumped a bottle of water all over himself in the garage because he didn’t want me to know he didn’t go to the gym because he was asking my mom for her blessing!

When Nicole and Dave began their search for the perfect venue to celebrate their wedding, they wanted a different type of experience for their wedding. The Haight provided just that.

The minute we walked into The Haight, we knew it was the place for us. We loved the exposed brick and the overall feel of the place. I loved that this venue was not your typical banquet hall wedding venue. The overall feel, look, and vibe we got when walking in hooked us!

Nicole’s advice for newly engaged couples is to work together when planning the wedding and don’t involve outsiders by asking for their opinions.

Do what you want as a couple, and don’t worry about pleasing everyone, because you never will. Don’t stress about the small stuff and be realistic as to what you can spend and don’t go over budget.

Wedding Vendors:
Photography: Rachael Watson Photography|Catering: Eventastik
Florals: Town & Country Gardens|DJ: EQd Entertainment | Cake & Sweets: Sweet Pops By Cindy

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