Lindsey & Dominic 10.06.17


Lindsey was working as a property manager running an apartment complex in Crystal Lake when she met Dominic, who was living there. Her second day on the job was rent day and a bearded guy walked into her office to hand in his rent check. Upon eye contact, they both stopped.


I would love to say that he was calm and collected, but he kind of fumbled his words, handed me a check and walked out.


Lindsey originally thought he was married because a girl was on the lease with the same last name. Later, she learned from Dominic that it was his younger sister.

We took our time getting to know each other for a few months, just small convos here and there when he dropped off his check (which he always made sure he did, not the two other people living in the apartment haha). Then one day he came into the office and asked if after work I wanted to come to his apartment and have dinner, he had been cooking all day and would love for me to join him…. And I turned him down.


He left the office, I went about my day, and a hour or so later he walked back into the office with a plate of food, put it on my desk, said, “text me later if you like it, here’s my number” and we have been together every since!


Lindsey never actually got to eat the pasta. She was a single mom at the time, with three kids from a previous relationship, and brought the food home and told her then 12-year-old daughter that some guy made her food.

I came back from changing and she had eaten all the pasta he made…her comment, “that was really good mom, you should date him.”


Lindsey knew Dominic was the one when she realized it wasn’t “work” being around him. There were no games and no drama; it was just two people enjoying each other and life together.


We both came from pretty complicated pasts, he lost his mom and dad at a very young age, and I was in a very abusive marriage at a young age. The best thing about him and I together was there was no judgment.


It was a very refreshing, freeing feeling to just be able to be who we were and not have to “doll” anything up. We got to know each other just talking in my kitchen, listening to music, and telling stories, talking about literally everything.


We never went out on fancy dates, we cooked together, danced in the kitchen together, laughed together… we just enjoyed being around each other…and I enjoyed that he liked me in leggings and a hoodie with no make up over having to get dressed up to impress him all the time!


Lindsey also knew he was the one when he accepted her kids right away. There were never any awkward introductions, the kids loved him, and he loved them!


“It was kind of like everyone just took on this role of this life, and how things were always supposed to be…we became an instant family.”

Dominic’s proposal to Lindsey was actually very simple. He wanted to make sure the kids were involved and present during the whole thing. Lindsey came home from work, stressed and cranky, and walked in to a line of roses going up the stairs…and a lot of giggling.



I followed the roses up into the living room, then into the dining room where there was a heart of roses and him inside the heart on one knee, he proposed and I said yes, of course! When he stood up, he smashed his head on the dining room chandelier ruining a very romantic moment. The kids were cheering in the background, and then there was lots of laughter and making fun of Dominic the remainder of the evening!



Shortly after the two became engaged, they found out they were expecting! Lindsey and Dominic both knew that when they first got engaged, they wanted to take their time and grow as a family. They got engaged January 2016 and set their date for October 6, 2017. It was March 2016 when they found out their family would grow by one more.


Lindsey was seven months pregnant when they looked at The Haight.

We chose The Haight because it was our style. I remember looking at pictures of different vendors thinking, “what is it with the bows on the chairs?” All these halls, golf courses, banquet looking places were ugly, and not us. The minute I walked into The Haight, I looked at Dominic and we both smiled because I said this is the one…this is perfect, we booked it within the first 15 minutes of being there. The atmosphere, the look of it all was exactly what I had pictured.



On October 27, 2016, Lindsey and Dominic’s son Nico was born.


He was absolutely perfect.


Their lives would change forever on January 3, 2017 when Lindsey took Nico to the doctor thinking that he had an ear infection. They ended up being rushed to Luries Children’s Hospital where they spent eight long weeks trying to find out what was wrong with their little boy.


We found out week eight that he had a very rare genetic disorder, he was the first child in the United States to ever have it, and about a week after finding out what was wrong with him, he passed away.


The wedding that would be happening later in the year became that much more important to Lindsey and Dominic.


With obviously a mind blowing unexpected tragedy and such a heart break not only for us, but for our family, and our friends, our wedding was something extremely important to us. It not only symbolized how far we had come as a couple, but how strong we have been this year. We wanted it to be a day to remember and it was!



When Lindsey was talking with vendors, she made it clear that her and Dominic wanted their wedding to be a day of laughter, memories and fun after a year of nothing but tears.


As you can tell by the pictures, it was perfect. I know Hazelton Photography had kind of a hard time with us because I made it very clear I did not want posed pictures. I wanted her to just be there and snap what was going on around us, and with us.



I wanted to remember the day as how it was, and what was happening, I have learned memories and pictures are so important this year, and I wanted to remember everything. I think she did such a great job capturing the day.




Lindsey’s advice for newly engaged couples is to, first and foremost, BREATHE!

Enjoy it all because the day you spend hours, years, months planning, goes by so fast. Remember why you are there. It is very easy to get wrapped up in small things, but the reason for the day is you are choosing to marry your best friend, your soul mate, and it is just a day, it is not the rest of your life together. When you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed (and you will) remember to take a step back, look at the person you are about to spend the rest of your life with, and just breathe.

Wedding Vendors:
Photography: Hazelton Photography|Catering: Pinstripes
Florals: Garden Arts|DJ: Backthird Entertainment
Hair & Makeup: Paul Hyland Salon & Day Spa|Cake & Sweets: Herbs Bakery

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