Loretta & Ben 09.29.17


Loretta and Ben first met at a Halloween party where Ben was quiet and shy, while Loretta talked his ears off. They both had a feeling that something would come of this first meeting—and they were right!


Loretta has always been very vocal about what she wanted in a husband and at six months, she knew Ben was the one.


We had a rough start in the beginning. Not with our relationships but with the scars from the past. I had moved back to Chicago from Iowa the August before we started dating and I was regretting my decision. Ben stayed by my side through all the ups and downs of that! He made my decision very easy and I’m glad I stayed.


My favorite things about Ben are how driven he is; he is so smart and doesn’t brag about it; he is always thinking about me and how I’m doing. And I love his dimples. They may have had a part at stealing my heart.


There are a lot of things that made me love Loretta as much as I do now. Her smile; her cooking; her family; the way she looks at me in the morning; her honesty (even when it will obviously piss me off); her cleanliness; her thankfulness; her smarts; (things I can’t put in here) and her faith.


Ben and Loretta had been discussing getting engaged, even before moving in together. Loretta thought he would do it around July 4th, which is her favorite holiday, but it ended up being on an extremely hot and humid Friday in May. It was just like any other day (besides Loretta’s hair being frizzy from the humidity), they both got up for work at 6am and left for work at 7 AM. Loretta wasn’t aware that Ben only left for an hour so he could get back to their place and start preparing for the proposal. Throughout the day, they texted each other about their Memorial Day weekend plans all while Ben was getting ready to surprise an unsuspecting Loretta.


I pulled into the driveway and Ben greeted me at the door which wasn’t like him but I still didn’t think anything of it at the time. He said he had a little something for me…. Ben always gets me flowers or chocolate so I was thinking it was something like that. He grabbed my hand and led me around the corner to where our table was. He had candles and roses and dinner all prepared (which again wasn’t unusual for Ben to do these things for me).


I didn’t see the ring on the table right away but I froze and a million thoughts were going through my head. I was so confused how he had prepared dinner but also just got home from work. I walked closer and of course saw the beautiful ring that he designed so perfectly just for me. Ben got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of his life with him. I don’t think I’ve ever been that excited in my whole life!


When these two started looking for venues they wanted something just perfect for them.


Bottom line, The Haight is our style! We had looked at a couple other venues closer to us and they were pretty but nothing compares to the rustic yet elegant feel The Haight has.



Loretta’s favorite part of the wedding day was walking in to the reception and being announced as “Mrs.”!


Seeing all the people that were there to celebrate with us was so amazing and when everything was all set up in the dinner area, it was absolutely breathtaking. Everything I had imagined had come to life!


Loretta’s advice to newly engaged couples is to take in every moment!

The cards, the congratulations from loved ones and strangers, all the parties! It truly is the best time of your life! Why not enjoy every minute of it? I feel like when you focus on every little detail, the time slows down just a little bit.


We LOVE this story that Loretta shared from her bridal shower:

We had a few people at my shower that were unfamiliar faces…long story short, there was a shower right across the street from mine and we had about four woman that were dressed for a black tie shower that showed up to my boho themed shower instead. I’ve never heard of a shower crasher, but we had them!


Wedding Vendors:
Photography: Sylver Studio Photography |Florals: Town & Country Gardens
Catering: Pinstripes |DJ: Backthird Entertainment | Coffee: Fresh Grounds | Hair & Make Up: Elle Salon
Cake & Sweets: Herb’s Bakery

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