Vendor Spotlight: Bianca Sansosti

Head Shot

Bianca Sansosti has been a makeup artist for nine years and her company, Bianca Sansosti Artistry has been in business as a full team for three years! Bianca grew up drawing, painting, and taking art classes—so makeup was something that came pretty naturally for her.

When I was around four or five, my favorite “play time” was sitting at my mom’s or aunt’s makeup vanity and just playing; I’ve always been fascinated by the power and capabilities of makeup.

It was her freshman year in college, in business school, that Bianca started discovering that she really had a love for doing makeup on others, and started taking any classes and any workshops that she could get her hands on. From there, she went on to art school and received a BFA, which really refined her work the most.

I love how makeup is just like creating any other type of art, but can be more challenging in some ways. Rather than being able to create something, anything you want, out of nothing, you are given a face, with many different features and characteristics, and you need to know and understand face structure, color theory, how to enhance and/or alter what is already there, and problem solve any issues.

We asked Bianca why weddings and she said, simply, there’s something great and special about being part of one of the most important days of someone’s life.


Photo by Sandra Armenteros Photography

Having the opportunity to set a great tone the morning of a wedding, and the ability to make someone FEEL so great and confident on that day is a very rewarding experience.

True Grace Photography

Photo by True Grace Photography

Bianca believes her background in art is a quality that makes her stand out among other makeup artists.

You amass such a deeper knowledge and understanding of those art principles and theories and how they relate to makeup and how you can apply that knowledge in all different ways and scenarios.


Photo by Sandra Armenteros Photography

She says that due to her background in business and because she’s worked in operations and logistics for many years, her company creates a wonderful experience and process for clients, from the moment they inquire, through their event.

Maria Harte Photography

Photo by Maria Harte Photography

The best part of the wedding day for Bianca is when a bride looks at herself and loves the way she looks and feels!


Photo by Sandra Armenteros Photography

…also when she makes her grand entrance in the room with her wedding party right after her dress is put on and her veil is placed; being able to be one of the first people to see the completed look, head to toe, is super exciting! We also do a lot of men’s grooming, so I can’t say that it’s specific just to bride’s, either!


Photo by Sandra Armenteros Photography

We asked Bianca why she enjoys working at The Haight and we are so flattered by her answer!


Photo by Sandra Armenteros Photography

The people! The staff at The Haight is so wonderful, so easy to work with, and really want their clients and vendors to have an amazing day; I am a firm believer that the people are always what make a difference. The bridal suite is also amazing, and we don’t always get to work in such a beautiful, roomy space, where we can really set up our equipment and make the most efficiency of the space and the time we have. We are very spoiled when we get to work there!

Bianca’s advice for newly engaged couples is that it’s never too early to book vendors!

The best vendors book out fast—I personally tend to book out 9-14 months in advance of a wedding date. The timeliness and information you find in popular resources online or magazines aren’t necessarily the most realistic.

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