Mackenzie & Ryan 08.19.17


Mackenzie and Ryan first met through Tinder after both getting out of long-term relationships. Mackenzie’s profile said that she loved dogs, flannels and whiskey.

Ryan, of course, was the first to message me, and he said if I don’t have a flannel for my dog, that my whole profile was bs.


After about three months of talking and texting, the two decided to meet. They both brought friends along to ease the anxiety of meeting a stranger. Even though they were quiet at first, they soon found that they a lot in common and began to click! The next night, Ryan asked Mackenzie to talk a walk with him on a cold and rainy night in Chicago, and she said yes. The two got to know each other on a deeper level and Ryan even brought Mackenzie’s dog, Nala, a flannel shirt!


Mackenzie wouldn’t exactly call it love at first sight. Of course she found Ryan attractive, funny and down to earth, but it wasn’t until he met her huge family and completely blended in that she knew he was the one.

Also, I knew he was the one when he became my safe place and my home when my anxiety would get bad.

Ryan first knew Mackenzie was the one when he took her to his hometown of Randolph and saw in her interactions with his family that she was not only kind and caring to him, but also to his family.

There are so many things about Ryan that I love! I love that he is grounded, fun loving, goofy and always there for me when I need to be picked up. He is also the best doggy dad out there.


Mackenzie is the nicest, kindest, most caring person you will ever meet. She is extremely beautiful on the outside, which every one can see, but she is equally as beautiful inside and has a positive impact on every one she meets.


Mackenzie was a model at FactorChosen Model Management and for the proposal, Ryan set up a fake photo shoot with her agent and a great photographer. He had been planning this for months and the whole week before the proposal, he was acting strange. Mackenzie went to the shoot and the photographer placed her towards the window so she couldn’t see Ryan come in.

The photographer took one photo, then I felt someone touch my shoulder and I looked behind and it was Ryan! I was absolutely shocked and I had no idea that he was proposing—I thought he would’ve proposed when we were vacationing in Hawaii a few weeks prior, so a proposal was out of my mind at that point. The photos of the proposal say it all, it was a beautiful surprise!


Ryan’s family is in Wisconsin, Mackenzie’s family is from Minnesota and Iowa and their friends are in Chicago—so it was important to them to find a venue in the middle for all those traveling. They knew they wanted to rustic industrial vibe and visited a few venues in Wisconsin and Illinois, but none of them felt right. With just an Internet search, Mackenzie found The Haight and told Ryan they had to visit immediately! They met with Briana and walked through the space and saw that it was everything they wanted and more!


We wanted the air conditioning that most barns couldn’t offer, and the space was large enough for our wedding. We also absolutely loved working with Lauren and couldn’t imagine working with a better team through the whole process, and on the day of our wedding.

Throughout the planning process, Ryan was OBSESSED with the excel document.

He wouldn’t let me go to any appointment without reviewing his excel document. EVERYTHING was tracked on that darn excel sheet and I would make fun of him (and my mom) for it all the time, but in the end it was very helpful!


The best part of the wedding day for Mackenzie was seeing Ryan at the end of the aisle and knowing that the day was finally here!


The ceremony was the most important part of the day to me, and saying our vows to each other will be a moment that I will never forget.

The advice that Mackenzie and Ryan have for newly engaged couples is to enjoy the engagement!


Photos by Amy Lynn Photography

Being engaged is so much fun and such an exciting time in your life that flies by so fast. The planning can be stressful at times, but have fun with it and it will all be worth it.


Wedding Vendors:
Photography: George Street Photography |Videography: Amy Lynn Photography
Florals: Town and Country Gardens|Catering: Schaul’s Catering
Ceremony/Reception DJ/Photobooth: Oknye Medialab|Cake & Sweets: The Sugar Path

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