Vendor Spotlight: The Alcantaras


This week we are featuring one of our preferred videographers—The Alcantaras! Pat and Arielle got started by watching wedding films on Vimeo and cried during almost every one! Their friend, who is a photographer, encouraged Pat to film a wedding that she was photographing and he agreed! Pat started the business about four years ago and Arielle hopped on board a year later!


The Alcantaras average about 30 weddings per year and by the end of this season, they will have shot around 100! They believe that being a husband-wife team gives them the opportunity to stand out amongst competitors.

We work seamlessly together and genuinely love working together. Our style is also distinct because we capture moments authentically rather than staging and trying to force something. Our couples love their films because it brings them back to the day exactly as it was.

The relationships Arielle and Pat build with their couples is what they love most about shooting weddings. They get to capture one of the best days of their lives and present it back to them as a gift!

We are in the business of capturing moments. Photography is unique in the fact that it captures memories, but we capture moments. And then we get to give back their moments which they can relive for years to come.

(Above is a wedding from downtown Chicago)

While every season has its beauty, these two love shooting in the fall because they love the colors of the leaves! For Arielle, the best part of the wedding is the first time the dad sees his little girl as a bride or the first time the groom sees his wife in her gown. Pat’s favorite part is the first look between the bride and groom.

(Above is a video from a country wedding)

(Photos above are from Sabrina and Jordan’s wedding that The Alcantaras shot here at The Haight)

We are so excited that The Alcantaras love working with us!

The staff is incredible—so detailed, professional, hardworking and organized! We love the space itself; there truly isn’t anything like it. Our favorite florist is in the same building. And we absolutely love the city of Elgin. We cannot recommend The Haight enough!


Photo by WS Photography

The advice Arielle and Pat have for newly engaged couples would be to enjoy each other and this season you’re in!

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming with all of the “to-dos,” but just try to enjoy each other and every step of the way! The details will work themselves out!

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