JP & Jason 09.16.16


JP was performing in a show the night he met Jason. An old friend came to see the show and told him that she was going to bring a guy she thought he would want to meet. After the performance, JP and Jason were introduced and ended up hanging out at the cast party.

He was super shy though, and I thought he didn’t like me. But hey… I was wrong. And I was never more happy to be so wrong! -JP

Jason knew JP was the one from the start and even claims it was one of those “at first sight” deals.

When I was sitting in the audience during the show I first saw him in, totally enamored by this tall, blonde, handsome stranger, there was this voice in the back of my head going off telling me that, “hey, this guy could be it.”

Sure enough, that voice turned out to be right!

For JP, he’s not sure if he ever had the “He’s the one!” moment. He always considered himself a serial monogamist and would be in relationships for long-term. What changed was his constant need to be with or around Jason. JP pined for him and even found that he felt lost when they weren’t together.

I suppose it was the moment I accepted that I needed him in my life all the time was the moment I knew he was the one. There is a part of me, in the bottom of my heart, where I knew he was the one right from the start. I just had to admit it to myself. I got butterflies every time I was with him and still do.

Jason+JP Wedding PhotosB042161016

JP also points out it should have been a very clear sign Jason was the one when he realized their mutual obsession with Disney and Harry Potter!

These two have traveled all over and have had lots of adventures and lots of laughs.

We really enjoy each others company and try our hardest to find laughter and life in everything we do.

Jason loves JP’s attention to detail and the passion he exerts in everything he does. He never gives anything less than 110%.

It shines though everything he does, and if you saw our wedding, that would be your proof. I also love how much he loves my dog (and his). I love how he plays with her and uses silly voices when he talks to her, and when he snuggles up to her when she is sick. You really get to see what kind of person he is when he’s with the pups.

Jason+JP Wedding PhotosC036160916

Basically, JP is just my favorite in general.

Jason+JP Wedding Photos147160916

If JP could click the section “check all of the above” in regards to his favorite things about Jason, he would. His youthful spirit was the indicator that JP knew he had to make him his forever.

I am a big kid at heart and totally embrace the youthful side of my personality and it was so nice to find someone that took that journey with me.

Together, they love playing video games, reading Young Adult fantasy fiction, and envying the powers of superheroes.   JP says Jason just gets him in the most special way.

He’s a really good cook when he wants to be. His addiction to ice cream makes me smile. He is a great kisser and I find it absolutely adorable and heartwarming when he gets emotional watching the underdog win on talent competitions. He makes me smile every day.


For JP’s birthday, Jason surprised him with a trip to Ireland. JP knew there wouldn’t be a more perfect opportunity to propose and he only had a few short months to get the blessing from his parents, to get the ring, and to plan “the perfect proposal!”

Jason+JP Wedding PhotosC184160916

JP made a ring of ‘luggage tags’ with a Disney love quote on one side and the same quote on the other side written in Greek (Jason is from Greece) and Irish (JP is from Ireland). The last tag would read, “Will You Marry Me?”

Jason+JP Wedding PhotosC146160916

On their third day, JP and Jason hiked to the furthest point of the Cliffs of Moher and sat down to look out over the ocean and at the Aran Islands. JP pulled the key ring out of his camera bag and handed it to Jason. When he reached the last tag, the first side was in Greek and Irsh. JP said, “Oops I must have put that on backwards, just turn it around.” On the back it said, “Will You Marry Me?” in English. JP pulled the ring out and held it in front of Jason, who of course said yes!

When they started looking for venues, Jason knew that reception halls were out. He wanted something that had the rustic appeal of a barn wedding without actually being in an actual barn. Something sophisticated, but with a lot of character and charm. When he stumbled upon The Haight while searching, they quickly scheduled a viewing.

Mind you, this was the first venue we went to see. I stepped inside and fell in love. The mix of rustic and industrial was exactly what I had hoped for in a venue. I was hooked, and JP could tell. We booked our date right then, without looking at another venue. No regrets.

JP agrees even though he didn’t necessarily choose The Haight, he knew it was the perfect place.

The moment we walked through the door to view it at the open house, I saw that look on his face. I knew at that very instant that this was the venue we would be getting married at and it was. He lit up like a kid at Christmas morning and I couldn’t for a second turn him down. It was the best choice ever. The rustic yet industrial charm, mixed with warmth and magic just made for the perfect location.

The best part of the wedding day for Jason was being surround by every single person they love and watching them share in their emotion.

Crying, laughing, and dancing with everyone truly made this day a one-of-a-kind event. The love from everyone in the room radiated. Thinking about it, even a year later, gives me chills.

For JP, this was harder to answer. He loved getting married, but he is a huge nester and loves being with family and friends constantly. If he could, he would repeat the day over and over again—from beginning to end.

Everything was just so spot on. One thing I remember so clearly is the music. I am inspired by music and environment, and I can remember what I was doing at every moment and what song was playing. Also, the proposal at our reception was amazing! Jason and I were SO glad that we got to be a part of that amazing moment and help plan it.

JP’s advice for newly engaged couples is to LAUGH and laugh a lot! Remember to not take things too seriously.

Jason and I had our ups and downs, but the ups always won out in the end. Every day was a journey, but sometimes that journey consisted of sitting on the couch watching terrible TV and that is okay too. If you expect every day is going to be this special magical Disneyland adventure, you will just set yourself up for a let down. Just appreciate the fact that no matter what exciting or mundane thing you are doing… you get to do it with the best person ever.

Jason’s advice is to have fun and to spend time together doing the things you always did, but remember to give each other space.

Giving each other breaks to do things alone might seem counter-intuitive to the whole “newlywed” concept, but it is so important. You may be partners in life, but you are also still your own people. And, after spending some time doing your own things, it will help to make your time together feel that much more fresh and fun.

Wedding Vendors:
Photography: Krisjon Photography |Catering: Eventastik
Ceremony/Reception DJ/Photobooth: SoundsAboundEntertainment|Cake & Sweets: Jason & JP

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