Vendor Spotlight: Rent-A-Rev


Photography by With Love Productions

This week we are featuring Reverend Jim Rehnberg, of Rent-A-Rev, for our Vendor Spotlight! Jim has been officiating weddings since 1976. He started as a parish Pastor, but in 1983 he put a focus on weddings with the first couple being members of his church. His neighbor asked him to marry him to his fiancé—he was Methodist, divorced, with two kids and she was Spanish Roman Catholic so being married in the church was not an option.



Since then it has been over three decades and Reverend Jim has celebrated marriage with thousands of couples.


Photography by The Still Life Photography

What I love about weddings is the relationship that develops and the privilege to tell each couples love story at their celebration.


When we asked Jim what sets him apart from other officiants, he was ecstatic to list a few things.

I am more experienced, more fun, more focused and have a unique mix of Pastor and polished professional. As the ceremony is developed with each couple it creates a platform for my gift of warmth and inclusion as I “work the room” and celebrate each couple.

The best part of the wedding day for Jim is “seeing the depth of relationship shared in a way that honors each couple.” Jim’s advice for newly engaged couples is to practice giving and receiving love together.


Out of all the wonderful places that Jim has officiated, we love that he enjoys working with us.

I love working with The Haight because as a professional I have the privilege to work with other professionals. The ability the staff has to embrace the big picture and small details creates a space where loving relationships are celebrated. The ‘context’ and beauty of the venue creates comfort and elegance.

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