Carrie & Jeff 07.28.17


A blind date about four and a half years ago began Carrie and Jeff’s story together. Jeff’s wresting coach and teacher, Dale, at Libertyville High School set them up. After college, Jeff actually ended up as the assistant wresting coach for a few years. Carrie is Dale’s coworker at LHS and when she asked Dale if he knew of any single guys looking to hang out with single ladies, Dale gave Jeff her number. He called a few days later and they went on the date. It went well, but because of conflicting schedules they didn’t officially start dating until a year later on April 19th.

So when we were planning our wedding it was only fitting that we ask Dale first to see if he would like to be our officiant and he said yes!

Carrie knew Jeff was serious about her after their “second, first date” and she told herself after their first date that if she had the chance to go out with him again, she wouldn’t pass up the opportunity. During their second date, Carrie knew that the relationship would be something special.


It was three months into dating that I knew I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life.

Jeff knew early on that Carrie was the one, even after their first date when their schedules didn’t allow them to see each other for a while. When they tried again, a year later, Jeff knew she was the one a few months into the relationship.

Carrie’s favorite things about Jeff (besides his looks) are how good he is at softball, wrestling, baseball and pretty much everything he does. She loves his passion for the things that mean most to him in his life and the way that he genuinely cares about the people that surround him. His passion to always better himself is one of the best things about him to Carrie.

I love how close he is to his family and has become with my family. I love the way he loves me and how he makes me feel like the most important thing in the world.

Jeff’s list of favorites about Carrie goes on and on:

“Everything. Her dedication to her career (PE teacher), her adventuress side, athletic, motivated to always get better at everything, her life goals, her love for sports, her relationship with her niece and nephews, the way she gets along with my family, that she has her own passions (fitness, Blackhawks, continuing education, etc.).”

Carrie and Jeff went on vacation in Vegas to look at venues for their wedding before they got engaged because that was where they were originally planning to hold the celebration. After looking at a few venues, they fell in love with the Hyde Club in the Belaggio and even went back a day or two later to take photos.


The exact spot that we would have our ceremony at the venue, Jeff got down on his knee and proposed. It was amazing and unexpected. What was also magical about it is that right as he was proposing, the water show began!


After deciding not to have their wedding in Vegas, Carrie and Jeff took on the task of finding a venue closer to home. They knew within a few minutes of finishing the tour at The Haight that this was the space for their wedding.

We loved the ambience, unique look, proximity for everyone, the wedding coordinators were very helpful throughout the whole process and the area around the venue was beautiful for pictures!

Jeff loved so much about the wedding day: the first look, watching Carrie walk down the aisle, the vows, the ring exchange, the kiss (!), the introduction to the group as Mr. and Mrs. Keske (Hulk Hogan’s theme song, while she was up on his shoulder), going to bed at night as Mr. and Mrs. Keske, and being with all their family and friends together.


Carrie also loved everything about their day together and couldn’t stop listing things!

Seeing Jeff for the first time at the first look and having that moment with it just being the two of us. Being pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Keske for the first time. My dad walking me down the aisle, the party and the DJ! The food catered by Pinstripes. Our first dance… okay, EVERYTHING!


The advice that Carrie and Jeff have for newly engaged couples is to enjoy this time being engaged! Learn together what your visions are for the wedding and make sure that you work together throughout the planning process. Remember that planning your wedding should be fun and not stressful.

Enjoy the fun little perks about being engaged, the pampering, parties you will have, the friends you will get to enjoy this time with, the food and cake tasting, the hair trials, wedding dress and suit shopping…because as slow as you feel the day come… it is over quick!

Wedding Vendors:
Photography: WS Photography |Florals: Town & Country Gardens
Ceremony/Reception DJ: Famos! DJ Entertainment Inc. |Catering/Cake & Sweets: Pinstripes

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