Amanda & Michael 6.30.17


Amanda and Mike’s love story began in Chicago at a bar called Sheffields. Amanda and her friend were out for dinner and Mike was in town from Washington, DC for a guy’s weekend. After dinner, Amanda and her friend went for drinks at the bar when in walked a huge group of guys—one being Mike. The two started talking and hit it off right away. Mike even got down on one knee and proposed because they had so much in common! At the end of the night, they exchanged numbers but were unsure of what would happen since Mike lived in DC at the time. The distance didn’t deter Amanda, she reached out to him the next day and they haven’t gone a day without talking since!

Amanda knew Mike was the one right away! The night they met he was fun to talk to, attractive and she got along with his friends.

Talking to him was so exciting and I suddenly felt less stressed about life because of him.

It was Amanda’s first year teaching so she was very busy and not interested in a social life. Mike changed that and has helped her relax so much.

I couldn’t imagine life without him.

Amanda loves Mike’s creativity and his sense of humor that keeps her laughing constantly with him.

The way he thinks and the music he creates is one of the sexiest things about him.

Mike’s favorite things about Amanda include her dedication to her career and overall work ethic. His encouragement and love for Amanda has helped her love herself more.

He has the right perspective about life…he cares about the things that matter, and doesn’t care about the silly things in life we all tend to stress about.


The proposal was very special and very creative. Mike planned a date night in their neighborhood with different locations. At each new spot, Amanda received a part of a story that Mike wrote about them. He played off the evening as fun and simple, but nothing special.

I talked myself out of him proposing because I felt like he was acting way too normal and this idea would have been way too obvious. So I told myself to enjoy the night with no expectations.


When they were walking home, Mike faked an injury and went down. Amanda was so concerned and then caught off guard when Mike brought himself to one knee and proposed!

After seeing The Haight, they knew it was perfect because it was everything they love. Amanda compared The Haight to meeting Mike, when she saw it she had no doubt.

It’s rustic, it’s unique, it’s classy and homey all at the same time. It gave that family feel and the lights were amazing. I honestly couldn’t have imagined getting married anywhere else after seeing The Haight.

The best part of the day for Amanda was getting ready with her bridal party and the ceremony. She loved walking down the aisle and standing with Mike.

Amanda’s advice for newly engaged couples is to stay organized and to make sure to delegate tasks. It’s important to take help when it is offered!

Most of all remember why you are getting married and do NOT sweat the small stuff. No one cares ultimately or remembers the small stuff and the people that complain at a wedding are going to complain no matter what you do. Do not feel like you have to do anything because it is what people do. Do you.

Wedding Vendors:
Photography: Jay V Photography |Florals: Town & Country Gardens
Ceremony/Cocktail Hour Musician: Jim Perona |Reception DJ: Backthird Entertainment
 Catering: MyChef Catering |Cake: Herb’s Bakery | Hair & Makeup: Jaime Genarella

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