Vendor Spotlight: You Name It Events


Photo by True Grace Photography

Leanne Valdes, founder of You Name It Events, is our next preferred planner to be featured in our Vendor Spotlight! It all started when one of her sisters got married and she was the maid of honor.

This gave me a real “insiders view” of wedding planning at a time when I happened to also be working at a job I didn’t see myself in long term.

Leanne founded You Name It Events in 2010 and since starting they are approaching their 250th wedding. For the last few years, they have planned between 30 and 50 weddings per year!

I love that our couples trust us with one of their Most Important Days—and I’m always honored that we get to create the space for them to make joyful memories that will last a lifetime.


This “cutesy” saying, as Leanne describes it, captures exactly what she believes their clients love about You Name It—they work hard for their clients and truly care about them.

That hard work and care are what help us remember the important details, bring creativity to each event and do everything we can to make their days special.

There are many moments in the timeline of a wedding day that one may call their favorite. For Leanne, there are two moments that she loves. The first is in the processional, right before the bride/groom and their escorts get ready to walk down the aisle.

We usually try to get them to pause for just a moment to breathe it all in, to remind them to smile and then walk when they are ready. It is such fun for us to be a part of that last moment before the ceremony.

The second best part a wedding day for Leanne is a compilation of brief moments where they get to step back and watch the couple, their family and guests have a great time.

It’s so cool for us to know we were a part of that fun coming to life!

Leanne doesn’t necessarily have a favorite time of year for a wedding, but she is partial to the springs and winters in Chicago because they are underrated.

People don’t realize how beautiful they can be. We love it when folks are wanting to plan a wedding outside of the summer/fall months because there are lots of special touches we can help them plan that wouldn’t necessarily fit in any of the other seasons.

When we asked Leanne if she had any advice for newly engaged couples planning a wedding, she immediately said that everyone should hire a planner!

Even if it is for coordination only—the value you will get from delegating the major responsibility of keeping your day on track is one that you truly cannot put a price tag on.

She also advises couples that it is worth it to take the time to make your wedding your own.

It is so special when the details of your day are personalized to the point where no other couple could take your place.

We love working with Leanne and we are beyond flattered that she had such nice things to say about working with us.

We love that The Haight has its own style, but also that the style is not one that can’t be customized. For folks who want to do minimal décor, it is perfect “ready-to-do” backdrop, but it’s also a great canvas for couples who want to bring in their own touches. For such a unique space, it is highly versatile!


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