Kristen & Shaun 4.1.17

Kristen and Shaun’s love story began at a house party. Kristen’s best friend asked her to attend it with her even though she wouldn’t know anyone. At one point, Kristen was alone and saw Shaun—she approached him and said hi. In five minutes, it was pretty clear that something was there between the two of them. Kristen knew the second she met him that he was the one!


“He is goofy and fun and warm and he is always pushing me to try new things and be more open to change. He is so kind and accepting of people.” – Kristen about Shaun


“I love her kindness and her loyalty and how gentle and caring she is. She works very hard and has big ambitions and dreams.” – Shaun about Kristen

Shaun’s proposal came as a surprise to Kristen one Christmas Eve. For the holiday, her family gathers to celebrate with food, drinks and lots of games. They were in the middle of playing a bunch of Minute to Win It games and when it got to Kristen, the object of the game was to finish a puzzle the fastest.

I love puzzles and thought this was too easy but when I started the puzzle, I realized pretty quickly that it was actually a photo of Shaun holding our son, Noah, with a sign asking me to marry him!


Kristen finished the puzzle slowly because she was overwhelmed with so many emotions—nervous, excited and happy! When she turned around, Shaun was on one knee of and Kristen said YES!


When it came time to find a venue to host their special day, it was important that they find a space that emulated their personalities.

The warm colors and the unique surroundings felt more like us than any hotel. We wanted a wedding people would remember and I really think they will.

In the early stages of their engagement, Shaun had told Kristen that besides the venue choice and food tasting, he was comfortable about leaving all other decisions in her hands. She loved this because she had a vision for everything! As it got closer to their wedding date and more decisions were being made, Shaun suddenly had lots of input and opinions on everything!

It was just so funny to our families how laid back he was when we first got engaged and how opinionated he was when it was game time.

Kristen and Shaun wanted to emphasize how grateful they were to ALL who helped with their special day. A special shout out to the following:  their coordinator from The Haight, Lauren (yay Lauren!); their photographer, Austin O’Brien; and their florist, Asrai Garden. Thanks to them, Kristen and Shaun’s vision came to life!

The best part of their wedding day for Kristen was when she walked down the aisle. After all the planning, of details big and small, she finally felt it was all so real once she started walking down the aisle.

Every friend and family member is there, watching; and the music you debated for so long is being played; and you are finally wearing that dress that took five fittings to be perfect; and there he is, just waiting for you. It was the best, scariest feeling I will ever know.

Kristen and Shaun’s advice that they would like to share with newly engaged couples is actually something that someone had shared with them a couple months before their wedding:

During the reception, when everyone is drinking and dancing, step away from the party—just the two of you—and take a look at the whole picture. Look at the happiness in the room. It may be the only time that everyone in that room (friends AND family) will all be together and it will definitely be the only time they all come together to celebrate your love.

Take that in because it is a pretty powerful feeling.

Wedding Vendors:
Photography: A. O’Brien Photography |Florals: Asrai Garden
Ceremony Musician/Reception DJ: Toast & Jam, Inc. |Cocktail Hour Musician: Trio Mexico
 Catering: True Cuisine |Cake: Oak Mill Bakery | Photobooth: Flash Magnets


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