Vendor Spotlight: Mary Rose Photography


We are so excited to feature Mary Rose Photography for this week’s Vendor Spotlight! Mary Rose started as a portrait photographer, and after a year of being in business she shot her first wedding.


I instantly fell in love with the idea of capturing this incredible, emotional day. It’s amazing how I get a very personal glimpse into my couples’ lives after only knowing them for a short time.

She spends so much time on their photos that she even feels like their best friend by the end of it!

Mary Rose has always loved photography, but was never brave enough to try it until her husband bought her a camera one Christmas. She dedicated herself to learning about the camera and the art of photography. For six months Mary Rose was constantly studying and practicing before she upgraded her camera and people began to book her for shoots. Once she had a few months under her belt, she began her business and six months later, she booked her very first wedding!

It was a small wedding in Minnesota for a friend of a friend, and I realized that shooting weddings was the most fun and fulfilling job I had ever taken on.

Fast forward to now and she has shot around 60 weddings and books about 20 per year. When looking through her work, it’s no secret that she has a passion for capturing beautiful images, in the midst of incredibly beautiful moments. Mary Rose loves that photographing weddings allows her to be a part of an intimate, pivotal moment in a bride and groom’s lives.


I’m there when a bride slips into her dress for the first time that day, when her mother holds back tears while she buttons up her daughter’s gown, when her sister fixes her veil and gushes about how beautiful she is. I’m there when the groom paces nervously before the ceremony, trying to calm his nerves before he sees his bride.

I’m there when the bride and groom rush from the ceremony and kiss passionately in the church hallway, when they laugh freely at the toasts, when they hold each other close during the first dance, and when they steal away for a moment to call each other “husband” and “wife” for the first time.

Mary Rose describes each wedding she shoots as stepping into a fairytale for one day—who wouldn’t love to do that!? She portrays herself as the storyteller watching the romance unfold, freezing all these little moments to retell the story to the bride and groom and their families.

What distinguishes Mary Rose from other photographers is the importance she places on who the couple is and their love for each other. This brings us to her preferred style—“posed candid.” She will set the bride and groom up in the right light, with the right background, and let them interact. The bride and groom portrait time consists of the couple kissing, hugging, and walking holding hands—all with the idea to capture photos showing the naturalness of the couple rather than stiff or unnatural posing. She wants her images to be as genuine as the day.

I like to capture their natural personality while making sure to create shots that are artistic and beautiful to admire.

My greatest goal is to have a bride and groom receive their gallery and admire the beauty of the images created while simultaneously reliving all the emotions from that day.

She wants to capture how they feel so they can remember those moments of the day, not an hour of standing and smiling at the camera.

I like light, airy, natural images mixed with some dramatic lighting and without any heavy editing or filters. My style is best described with words like: lifestyle, photojournalism, light, natural, etc.


When we asked Mary Rose for her opinion on the “First Look” she said that it all depends on the timeline of the day and what exactly you want.

What I tell all my couples is this: a first look is perfect if you’re shy or want the first time you see each other on that day to be a private, intimate moment where you can hug and talk and cry together.

The plus side of the first look is that it helps calm nerves and it allows you the time to get portraits finished before the ceremony and reception so that you can enjoy that time with your guests.

But seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony is dramatic and upholds a sweet tradition. It’s always the couples’ choice—I like to work around what they want to do and what works best for their timeline.

There is no particular moment during a wedding that is Mary Rose’s favorite. She loves all the little moments. But she does favor her time with the bride and groom for portraits. And rather than a favorite time of year to shoot, she has a favorite time of day.


Every time of year has beautiful aspects, but the hour before sunset has soft, warm light that makes every image that much more beautiful.

Mary Rose does not bind herself to a list of shots, but rather she gets to know what the bride and groom value and make sure they know she’ll get all the important things during their day. She meets with the couples a month before the wedding to discuss a timeline and details of the wedding day. It’s during that meeting Mary Rose will go through shots she always gets and then asks what’s important to them.

This is when I find out that the bride is wearing her grandma’s pearl necklace or that she handmade all the table numbers or that the groom’s cousin is his best friend and he wants a lot of shots with them.

When it comes to advice for newly engaged couples, Mary Rose encourages them to live in the moment. When she looks back on her engagement and wedding, she sees it as one of the sweetest, simplest times in her life.

All the wedding planning and pressures of other people’s opinions can overshadow what should be a wonderful time in your life. Shut out the negativity and enjoy your fiancé and family and friends.

When finished with our questions for Mary Rose, she added one of her own. What is her favorite part of shooting at The Haight? Her answer really brought a smile to our faces.

I LOVE shooting at The Haight for a lot of reasons. The coordinators are really awesome – my weddings there are always so smooth, which makes the atmosphere relaxing and fun. The new getting ready room is absolutely stunning and I relish shooting in that gorgeous light. It’s a vintage, unique building that can’t be found elsewhere, and my couples are always very happy with the decision to get married there!



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