Kelly & Charlie 6.2.17


Kelly and Charlie’s relationship all started with a virtual wink on and, after determining that neither was “a serial killer or crazy cat person,” they exchanged numbers and decided to meet in person. On April 11, 2013 they met at Fox & Hound, which just happened to be a few minutes away from the both of them. They figured out they were practically neighbors and hit it off from there!

What started as meeting for a drink turned into a few drinks and hours of conversation…not to mention our first of many trivia nights where we quickly learned that we shouldn’t quit our day jobs to hit the bar trivia circuit.


It was not long before Kelly and Charlie began to fall for one another. Kelly loves Charlie’s confidence in all that he does and how safe she feels with him.

I love that he pushes me outside my comfort zone to experience new things that I would have otherwise never have done in my lifetime without him.


Kelly loves Charlie’s passion and desire to travel the world with her and create memories together. And she can’t forget to mention his playfulness because she knows that will keep her young!

One of the best things about Kelly for Charlie is her ambition! He loves that she is always setting new goals for herself; like when they first met she was training for a 5k race here and there and last year she just ran her first marathon!

I also love how prepared she gets for things not just for herself but for everyone around her. And of course, I can’t forget about how much I enjoy her cooking!

Trying new things became the regular for the two so, when Charlie asked Kelly if she wanted to do a dinner cruise off Navy Pier for a date night, she agreed thinking it was just another new adventure.

On Friday, June 3rd, 2016, during the train ride into the city, Kelly turned to Charlie and asked if anyone else would be joining them since they usually had company for new things like this. Charlie told her it would just be the two of them and once again, Kelly thought nothing of it.


They arrived at Navy Pier a little early and Charlie suggested they take a photo with the skyline and Kelly immediately agreed. They found a friendly stranger to snap a picture and as she was handing back Kelly’s phone, Charlie stopped her to take one more. Here is when Kelly became a little suspicious because he is not one to take more than one photo. When she started to pose again with Charlie, he stopped her and said he had one question for her… he pulled a ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee and asked her to marry him!

Completely shocked, I may have blurted out, ‘Are you serious?!’ but of course followed that up with an excited ‘YES!!’

Kelly said the stranger figured out what was going on and went into full on paparazzi mode to capture the whole moment.


We’re forever grateful for that memory.

When it came time for the both of them to look for a venue, it was Charlie who stumbled across The Haight online and noticed they were having an open house that week. After looking at pictures on the website, they decided to go to the open house and check out the venue. And anyone that knows them knows they are BIG into rustic and wood! (The two sell their own customized woodwork!)

When Charlie was showing her the venue online, she thought to herself that she used to work with someone with the last name “Haight.” She figured what are the odds—sure enough it was one of our owners, Doree! Who just happened to be working the check-in station at the open house when Kelly and Charlie arrived.

Kelly and Charlie loved that The Haight offered the rustic vibe they were looking for and that they would be able to add their own personal touches to the space.

When we saw it in person, we simply fell in love and knew that was the space that we’d like to share our first moments together as husband and wife.

Besides the “marrying my best friend,” the best part of the wedding day for Kelly and Charlie was on the dance floor when the DJ called their family and friends to surround them at the beginning AND end of the night.

Those were two moments that truly touched us both and one that we’ll always remember.

The advice that Kelly and Charlie want to share with newly engaged couples is to not rush and enjoy every moment of your engagement, the planning process and wedding day.

It all goes by SOO fast. The whole process can be stressful, just don’t lose sight about what the day is all about—celebrating you and your future spouse’s relationship and your new life together.

They both say to remember that this is your day, so plan things that make both of you happy! Something is bound to not go exactly as planned, but don’t get worked up over it because most of your guests won’t know what the plan is exactly!


As long as you and your spouse are there together, the rest are just details that make for great stories later!

Wedding Vendors:
Photography: Peter Gubernat Photography |Florals: Town & Country Gardens
Reception DJ: Charizma Entertainment |Catering: My Chef
 Hair/Make-Up: Sophia Bella Bridal |Cake: Portillos

Categories: Real Weddings

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