Vendor Spotlight: Cuisine America

We are so excited that we had a chance to sit down and talk with Mary Catherine from Cuisine America, one of our preferred caterers. As a catering company that has been in business for over 20 years, Cuisine America is constantly busy with events.  They do social gatherings, corporate events, and of course, weddings!

Mary Catherine started in the business as a volunteer wedding coordinator before she went into business with her husband, Jim. She loved doing weddings, but hated doing the food handling part.

The first day I met him, I seriously said do you want to go into business with me because I like doing weddings but I don’t like the food part. And he’s like who are you?

Jim already had Cuisine America before Mary Catherine came into the picture.  He went from doing around 20 events a year to 20 events a month once they teamed up! It worked out perfectly because Jim hated being in the front of the house. He would rather stay behind the scenes in the kitchen while Mary Catherine meets the clients and is the “face” of Cuisine America.

Mary Catherine’s passion is the weddings, and Jim’s is the food—he is always studying and learning different foods to meet their client’s taste preferences.

Jim’s goal in his cooking is for the guests to say, this is the best food ever…who is the caterer?

All the food is made with natural, fresh ingredients that are sourced locally. The kitchen at Cuisine America is organized into different sections that are all labeled and separated to avoid any cross contamination of the food.

What really sets Cuisine America apart from other caterers is that when you hire them, you are working directly with Mary Catherine and Jim from start to finish. They do not take on more then two weddings a day and they make sure that the timing of the weddings is staggered. They will only do one major wedding—meaning if they are doing a large plated dinner service at The Haight, they won’t book another wedding because the demands of that service are much higher and require more attention.

It’s also one stop shopping with everything that we offer. Some people are just doing food. What we offer saves people money.

At Cuisine America you get their catering service with full service staff.  They own their china (multiple sets) which saves on rental costs.  The best part is that anyone working with them is able to borrow decor from their shop!

The storage warehouse connected to the kitchen includes items Mary Catherine has been collecting over 26 years of being in business. There are baskets, candle votives, china, wedding decor, thousands of silk flowers, and more!

Mary Catherine does not count how many weddings she does per year because they are not just numbers to her, they are people!

I just love weddings. It’s always been my passion. I want to help people plan them so they have a stress free day.

Her advice for newly engaged couples is to really focus on the things that are going to have an impact on you later down the road.

I tell my clients, I’m not a marriage counselor but I’ve been married a lot of years. It really doesn’t matter what color the napkin is; or which china you select ;or if you did oven roasted potatoes or mashed potatoes—focus on the things that are gonna be important in your relationship down the road and let go of all the details that aren’t really going to have an impact on your marriage a year or five years from now. In the scope of things, the small details don’t really matter in your married life. You know, focus on the memories you’re creating.

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