Raquel & Matt 5.28.17


Raquel and Matt met at Verizon Wireless where they both work. At the time they worked at competing stores and didn’t like each other at first. It wasn’t until Raquel got transferred to his location that they became quick friends and eventually, married!

Early on in the relationship, Raquel received scary news from the doctor and Matt stuck by her side through it all.

“He was my cheerleader when I was down, held my hand at all my appointments and always made me feel so loved and supported.”


It was during this that Raquel knew he was the one! She loves how he takes care of others and knows just what Raquel needs…it’s also a plus that he’s a fabulous cook!

He always thinks of the little things that mean so much to me—coffee on the nightstand, flowers just because, a funny motivational card when I’m stressed at work.

Matt’s favorite things about Raquel are her goofiness and a sense of humor that always keeps him laughing!

During a trip to Cancun, Matt asked Raquel a question that would change her life forever. It was their first morning there and Matt woke Raquel up very early to see the sunrise on the beach.

“As we were walking on the beach, he took my hand and spun me around and got down on one knee. It was really special because we had the whole beach and the moment to ourselves!”


The rest of the trip Raquel and Matt celebrated their engagement! And when they got home and started planning where they wanted to get married, Raquel knew she didn’t want to pick a standard banquet hall.

“It felt very ‘one size fits all’ and it just didn’t showcase who we are as a couple.”


The décor and style of The Haight is what drew them in. Its flexibility of vendors was also very important to Raquel.

“My guests LOVED the venue and fell in love just as much as I did when we first saw the space. The bridal suite and décor truly brought my pictures to another level, I couldn’t be happier!”

When it came time for cake testing Raquel and Matt made the mistake of stacking all their appointments on the same day thinking it would save a lot of time. Raquel said after they finally made it to the last appointment, they ate dinner and fell into a sugar coma!

We underestimated the amount of sugar and cake at each appointment. Just the word ‘buttercream’ made my stomach hurt.

They laugh about their sugar overdose now when they eat cake at weddings.

The best part of their wedding day for Raquel was the first look right before the ceremony.

Being able to share a few laughs and private moments together (before the craziness started) really helped calm our nerves a bit.

Raquel’s advice for newly engaged couples is while you are planning your wedding, don’t forget to continue planning the rest of your lives together!


Your wedding is not the finish line—it’s the start of a whole new adventure!

Wedding Vendors:
Photography:Mary Rose Photography|Florals: Town & Country Gardens
Reception DJ: Extreme Sounds Entertainment & Lighting|Catering: Inboden’s Meat Market
 Hair: Boutique Noir Salon|Make-Up: Flawless by Tiffany
Cake: Sweet Pea Cakes

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