Vendor Spotlight: The Still Life Photography

We are excited to feature The Still Life Photography in this week’s Vendor Spotlight! Husband and wife team, Jay and Nicole Vega decided to pursue a career in photography together. We had a chance to chat with Nicole about how The Still Life came about and why she loves capturing the magic of someone’s day.

Nicole started photography in 2007. Her husband knew and saw her passion for the art so he purchased Nicole’s first pro-grade camera for her birthday.

Shortly after they started The Still Life Photography working together at weddings, family and portrait sessions and events (like “Shower For a Shelter” pictured above).

Since starting full time in 2014, Nicole and Jay have shot over 300 weddings and are on track to do 54 next year. Nicole’s favorite thing about weddings is that she gets to capture the happiest day in a bride and grooms life.

Being a part of that is not only rewarding in itself, but something we can be a part of year after year as they look back and relive their day. Being around people that are smiling, laughing and crying tears of joy is something that will never get old.

What makes The Still Life stand out is that Nicole and Jay have a journalistic approach to tell the story of a wedding through their galleries.


Our work has an organic, bright feel. We aren’t your typical ‘family poses…everyone smile!’ photographers. We make it fun and we always include the fun, laughing outtakes in our galleries.

Nicole and Jay’s specialize in photojournalist, artistic, candid and natural photos. There is no need to worry about what type of photos these two will get for a wedding. Nicole prefers to capture the day with her mental list of shots. Most of the time, the shot list given to her is already on her mind.

I HATE creating more work for my brides and grooms—so all in all, they (shot lists) aren’t necessary for me.

The best part a wedding for Nicole is the first dance…and it’s also one of her favorite photos to take! She says it a time of the day where the bride and groom seem to be most relaxed.

All the hectic-ness of the day has come to an end, and they can just be together.

Other favorite photos to take include the detailed shots of the bride and groom when they have some time together. She also loves first looks! Nicole likes doing them because the bride and groom won’t have to spend the whole day hiding from one another.

There are ALWAYS tears, and I always anticipate the grooms facial expression when he sees his bride for the first time.


Nicole’s advice for newly engaged couples is to enjoy wedding planning and to agree to disagree on some things. Take the day one moment at a time and try not to create a minute by minute timeline for the day because chances are, it won’t go as planned.

Most importantly, enjoy every moment of your wedding day. It goes by faster than any other day you’ll ever live. The stress is by far not worth it. It’s a huge part of my job to keep everyone on schedule so that the bride and groom don’t have to worry. A relaxed bride is a happy bride!

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