Vendor Spotlight: Two Wild Seeds


For this week’s Vendor Spotlight, we are so excited to have had the time to visit Two Wild Seeds Baking Company owned by mother-daughter team, Susan Kritzberg and Katie Kritzberg! These two have been baking most of their adult lives and primarily baked wedding cakes for family and friends. They began to establish themselves in the community when they decided to take their “hobby” a step further by selling products out of a commercial kitchen in Geneva.

At this time Katie self-diagnosed herself with gluten-intolerance so she and her mom got busy testing and re-testing their family recipes until they tasted just as good, if not better, than the original. After much success, Katie and Susan knew it was time to follow their dream of opening their own family-run bakery. In 2016, Two Wild Seeds—their first brick-and-mortar bakery—opened in downtown St. Charles, IL!

The cool and unique thing about Two Wild Seeds is that they are a 100% dedicated gluten-free bakery! All of their products are made completely from scratch with all natural ingredients—no fillers, preservatives and/or artificial flavors.

We really pride ourselves on this, as many bakeries use cake mixes and/or pre-made icings and fillings. Our deserts taste like they should…real, delicious and wholesome.

Katie and her mom love what they do simply because food is an expression of love.

It bonds complete strangers and brings people together in a way that not too many other things in life can do.

Even after those long and frustrating days at the bakery, they get through it just by knowing that one of their cakes (or desserts) made someone’s day!

As much as Katie and Susan love the artistry that goes into baking, decorating and creating new recipes, it is the customer interaction that is their favorite part of what they do.


Austin serving a treat to a customer!

The community we’ve built around Two Wild Seeds is like our extended family and without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today.


Painting by Susan!

The advice Katie and Susan have for brides and grooms picking out their cake/sweets is to not follow trends too easily!

While we will always make your cake/sweets unique and beautiful, we invite you to come with an open mind and choose a style of decorating that reflects your personalities rather than something you found online.

They say to select flavors that you actually want to eat and serve to your guests.


Mary Rose Photography

The people won’t likely remember what they cake looked like after the wedding, but they’ll definitely remember how it tasted!

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