Alisa & Kyle 11.04.16

Alisa and Kyle’s fairytale began on just another Friday night while they were out for drinks with friends at 50/50 in Wicker Park. The two immediately took to each other and danced the whole evening. It was perfect and from then on, the two have been inseparable!


The day after they met, they went out for breakfast at a little spot called A’s and talked about the night and life. The night before Thanksgiving, less than a week after meeting, Alisa invited Kyle over for a dinner with her friends. She gave Kyle a heads up that he would need to be serious because he would be meeting her dad.

Even though it was early, Kyle didn’t hesitate and her dad loved him—it was then that she knew he was the one!

With each passing day, their love for one another grew! On the top of Kyle’s list of the things he loves about Alisa are how thoughtful and loving she is.

Alisa loves that Kyle is so hard working and focused but that he still puts his loved ones first.

No matter what, he always has a positive outlook on life!

Whatever the situation, Kyle knows exactly what Alisa needs whether it is a laugh, hug or just some positive reinforcement. The key to any good relationship is a partner that makes you the best version of yourself and that is what Kyle has done for Alisa!


Two and a half years after their first meeting, Kyle brought Alisa back to their breakfast spot, A’s. Breakfast had become “their thing” after their first date. In the very same booth they sat in on that first date, Kyle told Alisa that at their first breakfast together he knew he wanted to be with her forever. With that, he proposed and she said yes!


When it came time for them to pick a venue to host their perfect day, Kyle knew that he wanted a place in Chicago. Alisa talked him into checking out The Haight just to be able to compare it to other places.

It would be the first and last venue they looked at! Right when they walked through the big wooden doors, they both looked at one another and said, “Oh yeah, this is it!” It was immediate—just how they knew right when they picked each other.

Their wedding day went exactly how Alisa imagined and she loved every single part, so much so that she can’t pick a favorite moment!

Just like their hashtag #bestdayeverKAK, it was the best day ever!

Alisa’s advice for newly engaged couples is to enjoy the planning! Use your engagement as the way you want your wedding to be—those energies and intentions will go on into the actual day. The planning will last much longer than the actual day so take it all in.

Let things you can’t control go and remember what a wedding is all about: you, your lover and your love for one another. Remember that both people have dreams of what their wedding day should be and respect their wants and decisions!

Wedding Vendors:
Photography: Megan Saul Photography | Florals/Decor: Town & Country Gardens
DJ: A List DJs | Videographer: A List DJs | Catering: In The Neighborhood Deli
Cake & Sweets: In The Neighborhood Deli | Makeup: Michelle Renee MUA | Hair: GKs Hair Studio

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