Wedding Trend Tuesday: Boho-Chic

A hot trend this summer is bohemian styled (sometimes referred to as boho-chic or hippie-chic) weddings. This style is perfect for the bride and groom that march to a different drummer. When putting together a wedding with this theme, you may want to go all out with the style or just simply add a touch here and there.


One way is to incorporate the theme into your wedding through fashion—airy or lace dresses and flower crowns!

|Dreamers & Lovers|
|Lillian West|

If it’s not with the fashion, then maybe through the décor—cascading bouquets, twinkling lights (Ding ding ding! The lights in our space!), tons of color, feathers and of course, dream catchers!

The list of ideas go on and on!


Boho wedding invitations are a great touch! See some of our favorite below.


Photo by Jazi Photo. Styling by Joanna Goss.


Macrame is very popular and trendy now. Brides are finding cool ways to incorporate this art into their weddings in many different ways!

The photos above are from a styled shoot at The Haight. Photos by Jazi Photo. Flowers by Joanna and Mc & Co Design. Styling by Joanna Goss. Original macrame by KETmercantile.

And of course there are always clever ways to get your sweets table to coincide with the theme!

Get unique and stay with the trend by throwing flowers on a naked cake!


The great thing about the bohemian style is that it really isn’t going anywhere. Brides and grooms will continue to be inspired by the outdoors and the romantic feel it brings indoors!


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