Lindy & Jason 5.14.16

Lindy and Jason first met through mutual friends five years before they actually started dating. It was at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago where they were briefly introduced, but they didn’t get the chance to really hang out. Fast-forward five years, those same mutual friends got engaged and Lindy and Jason re-met at the engagement party in Joliet—and a relationship began!

It was at that same engagement party that Lindy realized Jason was the one, during their first conversation! The two talked for the entire evening and never once had an awkward moment! Their chemistry was so perfect it was hard not to notice. Lindy couldn’t stop telling her friends all about Jason for the next few days.

It’s hard not to think that these two belong together because they have so much in common! They like a lot of the same things—animals, Nintendo games, The Simpsons, Makers Mark, comic books and horror movies. Lindy loves that Jason is always teaching her new things and is patient with her when she is stubborn and doesn’t want to listen to him. Lindy thinks that Jason’s favorite thing about her is that his cats accepted her immediately! His cats don’t take to strangers very well and when they were nice to her right away, he was impressed.

During their first year of dating, Jason joked around that when they got married, he wanted his nephew Duke to dress as Frodo and be their ring bearer. A couple years later, that actually happened! Jason’s mom, Nicole, handmade Duke’s entire outfit and he came down the aisle barefoot and all!

Their wedding wouldn’t be the first time that Lindy and Jason were bride and groom. They dressed up as Frankenberry and Bride of Frankenberry in full pink (yes, all pink!) outfits for their first Halloween together. The two have a knack for going all out for their costumes—they were also Ned Flanders and Milhouse, Doctor Octopus (Doc Ock) and the Joker and the couple from the video game “Zombies ate my Neighbors.”

Lindy had just started a job at a new company and that same week, the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup! Things were going so well that Lindy had no idea what Jason had planned to add to the excitement. The two of them got tickets to the Stanley Cup rally at Soldier field. Jason packed a bag to carry their snacks and jackets and secretly snuck an engagement ring in there. During the rally Lindy tried to move the bag, but Jason kept it by his feet and wouldn’t let her touch it! Towards the end, when celebration music started playing and fireworks were going off, Jason pulled the ring out of the bag and asked Lindy to marry him! After telling Jason multiple times how pretty the ring was and kissing his cheeks, Lindy finally said yes!

When it came time to start looking for a venue for their big day, the two of them knew they wanted a place that didn’t feel like a typical wedding venue. The first time Lindy saw The Haight, she immediately fell in love! It had personality and also allowed them to add their own personal touches. It meant a lot to both of them that they were able to completely customize their wedding to make it feel unique.

There were many perfect moments from Lindy and Jason’s wedding day. Lindy loved seeing all the planning come to life inside The Haight! It was better than they ever expected—all their friends and families were brought into their world for one night. Lindy and Jason were surrounded with the people they love the most with the things they love the most!

Lindy’s advice for newly engaged couples is pretty simple:

“Everybody will have advice on wedding planning, but in the end, couples need to do what is right in their heart.”


She says to make a list of things that are important to the both of you to include in your wedding and things that you don’t want and go from there. And remember—don’t forget who you are as a couple!

Wedding Vendors:

Photographer: Christopher Kim Photography

Caterer: Cuisine America

Arcade Basketball Game Rental: The Fun Ones

Florist: Town & Country Gardens

DJ: Joe Prindle

Videographer: Shawn Boyle

Ice Cream Truck: Ice Cream on Wheels

Hotel/Shuttle: Courtyard Marriot West Dundee

Hair: Blow Bar

Make Up: Amanda Mangubat

Coordination: You Name It Events

Categories: Real Weddings

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