Private Suites at The Haight


Mary Rose Photography

We are excited that The Haight now has two private suites available on-site for your wedding day! You may ask, what is the importance of a good private suite? The suite is typically where you and your wedding party will spend any down time. Final touches are put on here, photos are taken here and it may even be the place used for some quiet meditation. This is where the bride will get into her dress and perfect every detail from the hair down to the shoes. It is the last place she’ll be before the first look or the walk down the aisle! You see, a private suite is very important!

We are very excited that Mary Rose from Mary Rose Photography was able to take photos of our new large suite!

Our downstairs suite will soon feature a television and video games!

You may even want to do your first look in our large suite! For some first look inspiration, we have the perfect set of double doors that you can open for the reveal AND we also have the cutest Dutch double door that would be perfect and so unique for that special moment!

On the day of your wedding, the private suites are included with access at the start of your contracted rental time. Several clients will have hair and make up done here. Why pay for a dark and dingy hotel room, when you can pay an additional fee of $50 per hour for early access to our large suite. Our smaller suite access begins at the contracted rental time—no early access is offered.

We will have staff available for you on-site to assist with set-up, cleanup or any additional needs that may arise. There are tables, chairs and furniture in the suites for your comfort. A bathroom is also available for you to use. You even get a choice of one 1.5 ML bottle of champagne or one six-pack for each suite!

We do have some guidelines that we kindly ask you to follow on the day of your event. All professionally catered food must be from one of our preferred caterers and any non-catered food (i.e. sandwiches, donuts, etc.) must be commercially produced. No homemade food is allowed. Chicago Beverage Catering must be used for any additional alcohol—no outside alcohol will be allowed! A damage waiver must be signed and any and all alcohol must be removed before the start of your event (Don’t worry, it goes behind the bar so you can finish what you purchased!). The large suite is locked but unattended for the duration of the event. You may transfer any items to the downstairs suite where it is locked and attended for the remainder of the event!

Flowers featured in the photos were done by Town & Country Gardens.

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