Maddie & Kevin 2.4.17


Maddie and Kevin first met at work thanks to a joke that the staff was playing on her. Kevin was actually pretending to be someone else! Who knew that that joke would lead to these two eventually falling in love.

There are many things that Maddie loves about Kevin, but what stands out is that he is always patient and calm. He knows exactly how to keep her level-headed whenever she is stressing out—this came in especially handy during wedding planning! Kevin loves that Maddie is strong and determined. When she sets a goal for herself, no one is going to stop her from achieving it!

Kevin knew that Maddie wanted their families to be there when he proposed. But neither of them knew that the day he proposed would be full of so many surprises! It was Kevin’s 30th birthday and Maddie planned quite a few surprises for him and the last one was a dinner with their families. Little did Maddie know, Kevin had a pretty big surprise planned as well—the proposal. He had a spy working for him all along who told him that a good opportunity for him to propose would be on his birthday. Kevin ended up doing just that! He flipped the surprise on Maddie and asked for her hand in marriage and she, of course, said yes! She had no idea that he was planning to ask that day, but everyone else knew because they could see the ring in his pocket!

When it came to looking for a venue for their perfect day, they knew they wanted a place that was truly unique. They chose The Haight because they were able to put their personal touches on the décor. They felt like the whole wedding captured their personalities in ways that other venues couldn’t have done!

Maddie and Kevin loved their wedding day! They enjoyed being able to step back and watch all their favorite people in one room celebrating the beginning of their lives together. The love was overwhelming and awesome to see!

Maddie’s advice for newly engaged couples is simple: Don’t sweat the small stuff!

“At the end of the day, you’ll remember how good you felt standing with your husband or wife and enjoying yourself with your loved ones!”


Wedding Vendors:

Photographer: Mike Staff Productions

DJ: Mike Staff Productions

Caterer/ Sweets: Wild Asparagus Catering

Florist: Prairie Basket


Categories: Real Weddings

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