Eileen & Mike 1.7.17


Eileen and Mike met six years ago at Bradley University while attending a frat party. Underneath black lights and covered in sweat, Eileen introduced herself to Mike and his friends in a very unique way. “Eye-lean,” she said while pointing to her eye and leaning to the side—this would be something Mike and his friends tease her about to this day! That evening, Eileen and Mike came to realize they grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, only fifteen minutes apart, and how Mike was a member of the Bradley baseball team. They were both business majors and had even shared a class together! The two exchanged numbers and even though Eileen thought she’d never hear from Mike again, he texted her the next day and they’ve talked every day since! As their relationship progressed, Eileen learned that Mike had wanted their paths to cross for quite some time. He had seen her around Bradley’s campus and started telling his friends that he wanted to meet “the cute blonde girl in his computer class.”

The first time that Mike treated Eileen to Chipotle she knew he was the one. After asking if she could get guacamole on her burrito bowl, Mike looked at Eileen like she had six heads and said, “of course you can, you don’t need to ask me.” It was the way that he looked at her and said it, after that Eileen just knew.

Eileen and Mike have a lot of fun and share a lot of laughs together. In 2013, they dressed up as Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan for Halloween. Mike even drew a beard on her face with brown eyeliner!


There are many things that Eileen loves about Mike, but it’s his amazing work ethic that she finds so admirable. As a professional athlete he has to give his all every day and even on the toughest days, he puts in an extra mile. Eileen says that he is an amazing “teammate” and very dependable. She credits that to his career as a baseball player and the fact that he has played on sports teams his whole life. She also loves that he is hilarious and always knows how to make her laugh! Mike’s favorite things about Eileen are how loyal she is to the people around her and how much she cares about her family and friends.

The proposal happened on just another ordinary night when Eileen thought Mike would be taking her to try out a new Mexican restaurant. She thought nothing special of the evening so when she drove to his house to pick him up for their dinner date, she was surprised to discover they were not going to dinner! When she parked and walked to the back of his house, she found a beautifully lit setting and Mike, who was anxiously awaiting her arrival on one knee. He asked her to marry him and Eileen, speechless, nodded her head yes! Immediately after, Mike surprised her again by throwing an engagement party with all of their best friends and family. It was the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of their fairytale!

When it came time to plan for their wedding, choosing The Haight was the easiest part! Leaving the building after their first tour, Eileen and Mike had their minds made up, they wanted The Haight!  They wanted to have the ceremony and reception in the same place, and this venue accommodates that need so easily. The two did not want somewhere that was cookie cutter and plain and The Haight’s eclectic style matched their personalities. Eileen and Mike loved the funky decorations and vintage furniture that filled the space. They were blown away when they saw the dining room and the gorgeous 16′ farm tables!

“The Haight is a show stopper and we loved everything about it!”

The Best Part: While the entire day was amazing, Eileen’s favorite part of her wedding was the reception. Their food and drinks were great and their dance floor was packed the entire night because of their awesome DJ. She said there is nothing better than being at a party surrounded by all of the most important people in your life!

The Worst Part: The day before the wedding, while Eileen was getting ready for the rehearsal dinner, she was curling her hair and burnt a piece off! She was shocked and a little hysterical—how could something like this happen the day before her wedding?! She learned you can plan every detail but unexpected things will happen. Luckily for Eileen, the awesome staff at Elle Salon were able to style her hair so nobody even noticed!

Eileen’s advice for newly engaged couples is to stick to your wedding budget as best you can! She loved her wedding day and said it was all done on a budget. Do your research and find vendors that are a good value. Since The Haight lets you choose your vendors, you’re able to customize your wedding to fit your budget. Eileen saved a lot with her flowers because she used them to decorate the ceremony aisle and then put them on the dining tables as centerpieces!

Wedding Vendors:

Photographer: Robbie & Ryan Photography
Caterer: Cuisine America
Florist: Oh My! Florals
DJ: A-List DJs
Hair & Make-Up: Elle Salon
Cake & Sweets: The Sugar Path

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