Sandy & Dan 12.30.16

Sandy and Dan first met on a Saturday night during a get together at Dan’s place. Sandy had just relocated to the area and one of Dan’s friends asked if she could join them for the evening—Dan said yes and once Sandy arrived the two immediately hit it off! It was Dan’s collection of various nerdy books that the two bonded over and Sandy pointed out that he was missing the third Harry Potter book in the series. She was appalled that he could be missing the best one and made sure that he knew it! As the two began to spend more time together and get to know each other more, they fell in love. Their circle of friends became intertwined and Sandy and Dan quickly learned it was only a matter of time before they would marry!

Sandy loves Dan’s ability to make her laugh no matter what. She says she thinks she’s laughed every single day since they’ve been together! “Maybe it’s because we have the same sense of humor or he just finds the right timing, but there is never a dull moment.” She also loves that Dan knows how to keep her centered and calm when she’s overwhelmed by something. Dan’s favorite things about Sandy are her eyes and smile. He says even though that sounds cliché, they get him every time! Her eyes light up like a little kid when she gets really happy or excited and she gives Dan a special smile that he swears is just for him. Dan believes she knows she can use this against him. When he’s aggravated or stressed about something, Sandy can get in his face, flash him a smile, act goofy and he has not choice but to start smiling and laughing with her!

Dan’s proposal was nothing short of romantic. One of their earliest dates was at Herrick Lake, in Wheaton, IL, where the two spent hours talking, walking and sitting on a bench that overlooked the lake. This became a special place that they visit often. On the day that Dan proposed, they were sitting on “their” bench when Dan got down on one knee and asked Sandy to marry him. She, of course, said yes and planning the wedding began!

Herrick Lake Forest Preserve

Photo Credit:

When it came time to find a venue, Sandy and Dan were looking for something unique, but nothing like a Pinteresty barn that was in the middle of nowhere. They found a few hopefuls, but none gave them the feeling of “this is so us.”

Right when they walked through The Haight doors, they knew they found something special! From layout to décor, The Haight had all the components and the “vibe” that Sandy and Dan were looking for in a wedding venue. The space really spoke for itself and the two only needed to bring in a few personal items to make it their own. As much as they loved the space, Sandy said, “it was meeting the staff that made them finalize their decision to have their wedding at The Haight.”

Once the wedding day arrived, Sandy and Dan wanted the day to be as fun and joyous as possible. And they had just that! Being surrounded by family and friends made the day special for them. They could feel the love and support of family and friends surrounding them all day long to celebrate their marriage!

When we asked Sandy if she had any advice for newly engaged couples who have just started planning, she had a lot to offer! She suggests sitting down and making a short list of what is important to both parties.  These items should be priority and you can start adding on smaller details as you go. Sandy also encourages you to take breaks from Pinterest! There are tons of great ideas out there, but spending hours scrolling without a specific idea in mind is exhausting and overwhelming. It is also really important to take time for yourselves and enjoy the ride! Wedding planning is fun, but it can become too much very quickly. Sandy says to take it one day and one thing at a time so you can enjoy the experience. “Remember that this is about YOU and YOUR future together!”


Wedding Vendors:

Photographer: Mary Rose Photography

Florist: Town & Country Gardens

Ceremony Musician: Nicki Denofrio

DJ: Backthird Entertainment

Caterer: True Cuisine

Cake & Sweets: Nothing Bundt Cake

Hair & Make-Up: Janice Cha

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