Peggy & Tim 11.26.16

Peggy and Tim first met at Ballydoyle, an Irish pub in Aurora, all thanks to Peggy’s sister, Katie! “I think you’d like this guy, he’s funny,” was all Katie had to tell Peggy.  Then after what Peggy called some “quality Facebook stalking,” the two met up for drinks and she was able to confirm that her sister was right—she did like Tim! They hit it off and as their relationship grew, they began to realize their favorite things about each other. Tim loves that Peggy doesn’t force him to do arts and crafts and she loves that Tim keeps her calm and laughing constantly.

The proposal was unexpected and perfect. Before heading out to several Christmas parties, Peggy and Tim were in the middle of a conversation when he suddenly walked away. Tim grabbed the ring from a hiding spot and Peggy turned around to see he was on one knee. Peggy said yes to not only marrying him, but also to his promise to buy her dinner for the rest of their lives!

The hunt for the perfect wedding space was finished once Peggy saw The Haight.  It was her self proclaimed Bridezilla moment, she didn’t want to consider anywhere else!  Thankfully Tim liked The Haight and seeing how happy it made Peggy! After obsessing over the venue for months, Peggy was sad to break up with us and let a new bride make it her own.

The best part of the wedding day for Peggy was standing next to her father behind the closed church doors her nephews were moments away from opening.  She knew her life was about to change and, even as someone who is normally resistant to that, she knew this was going to be the best one she ever made! She was ready to walk down the aisle towards the man of her dreams surrounded by everyone they love.

It was everyone’s support that made the day so special for Peggy and Tim. From the thoughtful gestures and gifts, including a Taylor Swift cardboard cut-out, to helping with the details and set-up the day before, and all of the great dance moves.  From start to finish, they felt excitement from their friends and family who travelled from all over to celebrate with them!

Peggy’s advice to those starting to plan their wedding day:

Use a spreadsheet to visualize how the costs add up and don’t get roped into buying things that ultimately don’t matter. Expect that something will probably not go according to plan, no matter how hard you try to predict any glitch. If you are worried about small detail then set a deadline to have them finalized.  Peggy made a promise to Tim and herself to enjoy the night before the big day and she suggests all brides try to do the same!

Wedding Vendors:

Photographer: Jolie Images

Florist: Designs by Janet

DJ: Marc Simmons

Catering: Evantastik

Cake and Sweets: Herb’s Bakery

Categories: Real Weddings

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