Some Dum Wedding Blog


This stunning wedding was anything but “dum.” Or very, depending on how you look at it. With the hashtag #somedumwedding and showcasing your friends as Some Dum Friends (not to mention all the intro songs having a form of dum in it), it’s hard to ignore just how dum it could really get.

In all seriousness, Annalise and Trevor’s wedding really was stunning, with hand-created signs through the space, personal touches, and cascading florals.


When asking them what their favorite part of their wedding day was, they responded,
“Obviously the best part was getting married (yay!), but one thing that we both really loved was that we got to spend the entire day with our closest friends and family … It was so, so wonderful to be able to spend all day (literally ALL day) celebrating with those who we love, who support us, and who make our hearts so full.”

Both being planners, they were pleasantly surprised at how relaxed they were throughout the day. With help from their day-of coordinator, their caterer, and us, they mentioned how easy it was to stay calm and focus on the day’s events- one moment at a time.


We asked them what made them choose us to celebrate their wedding, we got two different answers:

“Do you even have to ask? Considering Annalise was jumping up and down when we came across it online, it was love at first sight…” – Trevor

“Ironically, we didn’t even SEE it in person before we were ready to book our day. The Haight makes us happy just thinking about it. Our style is kind of rustic-industrial-chic, so naturally the Haight was a good choice aesthetically. What’s more, the Haight gave us the exact vibe we wanted for our wedding. As an interior designer (and as one half of a loving, social couple), I had somewhat of a vision for how I wanted our wedding to feel. The Haight provided us with an atmosphere that was warm, inviting, and fairly traditional, while being a unique space for our reception.” – Annalise



As some final advice to couples who are getting married: try your best not to stress! At the end of the day, you’re getting MARRIED and that’s what matters the most. No matter who you are or what you do, planning can be stressful but at some point, you’ll realize that something may or may not get done but no matter what, you’ll still get married!

Also, working on small steps at a time can help out a lot. Don’t look into the small details right away, have a timeline and get the big stuff done first, then tackle the little things. Not everything needs to be done right then and there!


Overall, it was clear that Annalise and Trevor knew what they were doing. Everyone had a stellar night filled with popcorn and a poppin’ dancefloor. Congrats again, The Dums!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook to see their wedding video that will be posted later this month!



Photography: Sandra Armenteros Photography
Florals: Town & Country Gardens
Catering: Elegante Cuisine
DJ: Sounds Abound
Day-Of Coordinator – Jessica Dum Wedding Coordination

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