Megan & Josh 9.30.16

Megan and Josh are special clients to us!  Megan is an assistant event coordinator here at The Haight and we thought it would be fun to have her share her REAL WEDDING with our followers!

My husband, Josh, and I recently got married at the Haight on September 30th, AKA The Best Day Ever! Disclaimer: I know brides always say their wedding is the best day ever, and I didn’t believe them until I finally had my own wedding, and it truly is THE BEST DAY EVER!


Josh proposed to me on the coldest evening in January at this cute boutique hotel in Geneva, Illinois. Just for the record, this was not the best day ever. I have commitment phobia and I had NO idea about the proposal (I like to be in control and know what’s going on at all times). It wasn’t until I was walking up to him that I realized I was about to be proposed to which is a story for another day. Regardless, of course I said YES because I already knew I wanted to spend forever with him. This meant I had exactly 8 months to plan the biggest day of our lives. I had no idea what I wanted for a wedding, but I had to get started because time was ticking.

To rewind a bit, Josh is a Graphic Designer at a local church and I was an event planner at the same place, which is actually where we met. Together, our dream is to start our own Event and Design Business. Pre-engagement we had tried to come up with ideas of what our business would be called and when Josh proposed he decided for us by making a logo that was in the middle of one of the flower bouquets he had arranged. The logo read,  “JAM Forever” Josh And Megan Forever, for those who can’t put two and two together 😉  I loved the little logo he made for us so much that it became the theme of our entire wedding.


First off, it simply started as our logo and hashtag. Then we thought, well… JAM is a breakfast food, and we have seen people give away little jams in jars for favors which we really liked. We ultimately love breakfast, so we decided we had to have an entire breakfast for dinner themed wedding!

As an Event Planner, I clearly love to plan. I love details, custom signage and unique decor; because it’s special and shares a story about the couple. But truth be told, I had a really hard time planning for myself because there are so many choices, and since you can’t have everything you ever wanted, you have to be comfortable to say no sometimes, which isn’t fun at all. So rather than sharing tons of details, I’ll just share how I completely committed to the breakfast theme and ended up loving every part of it.

  1. Invitations- Josh designed our invitations that had little donuts on them and asked our guests to join us for breakfast. (Sadly we have no pictures of them!)


  1. Bridal Party Gifts- I purchased look-alike Starbucks cups from Etsy that had each of my bridesmaid’s names on them. I bought these to-go cups for Josh’s mom, sisters, and my grandma, because I wanted to include them in the fun. And we all LOVE coffee, with a  touch of Bailey’s too, of course.


  1. Programs- Josh designed our newspaper programs from top to bottom. On the front he included pictures of he and me, the order of ceremony and  the wedding party list. On the back, he created a crossword puzzle and word search that had to do with how we met. He also had a special thanks section and an In Loving Memory section specially dedicated to my mom who passed away.


  1. Cocktail Hour- Following our ceremony, we offered mimosas, a Cinnabon drink at the bar, and had a Coffee Bar where you could add Bailey’s, flavored cream and more! Josh designed a cute logo for our coffee cups and our friend made us a handwritten sign for our coffee bar.  For snacks, we had fruit cups and cookies made by a friend that looked like bacon, eggs, and  donuts. They  were absolutely DELICIOUS!
  1. The Breakfast Food Truck- I had always wanted a food truck at my wedding and graciously, Josh’s parents made that a reality for us. Baby Cakes  parked outside the main doors of The Haight and served chicken and waffles and pancakes during cocktail hour.
  1. The Cake- we ordered a cake from the BEST bakery, Piece-A-Cake in West Dundee. Diane, our cake maker, said she would have a cake that looked like a stack of pancakes and had berries and syrup on it, and it turned out perfectly, not to mention it was delicious!


  1. Dinner- For our Dinner Menu, we had breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches, potatoes and bacon! This was out of the ordinary, but people loved it and it severely cut our costs!
  1. Place Settings- Each place setting had a mocha flavored cake pop that looked like a donut that read, “donut forget how much we love you”. The head table had name cards with a coffee bean next to their name and on the inside of the placecard I left a special note for whoever was sitting there. The cake pops were made by Brenda’s Pop Shop. Follow her Instagram at #brendaspopshop to see her other creations!  Of course Josh and I needed a bride and groom cake pop! They turned out so adorable!
  1. Table Decor- Although I love breakfast, I also love flowers, so we had some bright pink flowers and greenery that kept the mood light. Each table had a cake plate filled with delicious pastries that were from the same bakery that my cake was from, Piece-a-Cake. The cake plates were filled with mini cinnamon rolls, scones, muffins, biscotti, danishes, and assorted breads. We had so many pastries leftover that The Haight donated the leftovers to the Police Department across the street!
  1. Take Home Gifts- One of our first wedding decisions was to have Jam as our wedding giveaway. We wanted them to stand out so we placed them in a focal point of the venue space.I ordered these cute little cinnamon apple and strawberry jalapeño jams from a shop on Etsy and Josh created a sticker for the top to personalize them!  


All in all I recommend sticking to your wedding theme! It made the world of difference and people keep telling me how perfect it was. The little details of a wedding leave a big impression on people! Everything was absolutely perfect for Josh and me, we loved every minute of it. Here are a few more pictures that don’t go along with our theme, but are special to Josh and I. Enjoy!

The Haight’s Ceremony Space with my decor-

The Haight’s Magical Wall and my girls-

The Haight’s Bridal Suite-


Daddy Daughter Dance-

My New Crazy Family-


My Handsome Groom and his guys-


Wedding Vendors:
Photographer: Aysha Nicole Photo
Catering: Cuisine America
Florals: Eden Wedding & Event Florist
Cake/Sweets: Piece-A-Cake Bakery
DJ: DJ Breje
Photo Booth: Gifyyy Booth


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