Sara and Nicole 6.18.16

Sara and Nicole’s love story isn’t an awe inspiring scene from a movie or a dramatic tale of romance.  It began with the people in their lives talking about how perfect they would be for one another.  It happened when neither of them were looking for love.  It was a moment when Nicole’s sister introduced them.  It was, “Nik this is Sara.”

Millions of people get married each year. They meet, fall in love, get engaged, plan a wedding and then live happily ever after.  Sara and Nicole found out this is only half of the story.  Nobody tells you how all of that comes together. Nicole found out that it isn’t so  easy, “Every kiss does NOT begin with Kay!”

According to the brides, it begins with text messages; LOTS of them. Ones that announce who is getting married, fabulous pictures of rings, and sporadic love notes. When Nicole decided it was time to find a ring she was not prepared to be “in the doghouse so often.” Unaccounted hours and “missing” money did not go unnoticed by Sara.

Eventually Nicole was able to plan the perfect getaway to Galena with the perfect diamond in her pocket!

They went for massages, had chocolate covered strawberries, ate a romantic dinner overlooking the lake, and Nicole was ready to pop the question!


Sara had other plans, she unknowingly sabotaged Nicole every time she tried to propose! She talked to everyone they passed and questioned all of Nicole’s actions.

Finally, Nicole realized she didn’t need the perfect moment or the perfect plan.

She had the perfect girl and their love for one another.

Nicole stopped and blurted out, “Sara, I love you, but please focus for a minute!

Will you marry me?”


Sara sobbed, professed her love, and promised to always listen from that day forward. (Nicole claims she heard the listening bit, Sara isn’t so sure she said it.)

Wedding Vendors:
Photography: Cathy Best, Fox Valley Media Arts          Caterer: Eventastik
Bakery: Herb’s Bakery           Florist: Town & Country
DJ: Something 2 Dance 2          Decor Rentals: Primitive N’ Proper



Categories: Real Weddings

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