Bachelorette Party Destinations

Bachelorette parties have evolved from one night out with the girls to weekend get aways.  Whether you want to stay close to home or go all out we have a destination for you!

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Traverse City, Michigan

You don’t need to travel across the country or an ocean to visit a beautiful winery and taste a great wine.  If you are from the Chicago suburbs it’s practically in our backyard. There are numerous vineyards in towns bordering Lake Michigan, making a very easy road trip with your best girl friends!

Click here to see a list of Michigan’s top 10 wineries.

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Madison, Wisconsin

Cities like Madison and Milwaukee are brimming with breweries and nightlife. With both cities only about an hour and a half away and plenty of Airbnb options to choose from, a weekend taking brewery tours and sampling local brews sounds like a perfect trip. Wisconsin (especially in the summer) is totally underrated.

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Grand Haven, Michigan

Speaking of underrated, let’s talk about Michigan. Michigan’s beach towns channel  gorgeous scenery you thought you could only find in New England or Nova Scotia.  Except, these beaches make for a much shorter road-trip.  Once the snow melts, Michigan becomes one of the top places for a close (or not so close– we’re talking to you, Upper Peninsula) beach retreat with all of your girls. From Grand Haven to St. Joseph to New Buffalo, your opportunities are endless.


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Lexington, Kentucky

Just about five hours from the Chicagoland area lies a region dotted with white picket fences, every breed of horse known to man, and all things bourbon. That’s right, y’all, I’m talking about Kentucky. The bourbon trail runs from Louisville to Lexington and has several stops in between.  Both cities promise to be a good time and boast beautiful fall scenery.

Check out the Bourbon Trail’s official website and start planning.

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Chicago, Illinois

You know what they say, home is where the heart is. Use your Chicago expertise to take your girls to all your favorite brunch spots, restaurants, and rooftop bars. Book a gorgeous hotel (you are saving a lot on travel costs), hit the beach, and go to all of your favorite stores. Especially if you’ve got a huge group of friends, there’s nothing wrong with a little stay-cation.

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Nashville, Tennessee

A cheaper flight from O’Hare (or if you enjoy 8-hour car rides), Nashville is a great city to visit that’s COMPLETELY different than Chicago.  Even if country music isn’t your cup of tea you can still have a great time. Downtown Nashville’s Broadway is home to countless bars, restaurants, and shops.  But it’s not all downtown honky-tonks there are tons of cute and homey neighborhoods lining the city, like The Gulch and 12 South.

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Key West, Florida

If you want the island feel without having to deal with passports, exchange rates, or foreign languages, Key West is the place for you. Take a flight straight to the end of the island chain, or fly into Miami and enjoy the scenic seven-mile bridge over the turquoise waters. Duval Street is where the party’s at, but the island is also perfect for those relaxing mornings by the pool, nursing your Bloody Mary.

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Palm Springs, California

As the third-largest state in the U.S., California has dozens of cities that are perfect for a celebratory girls’ weekend. San Francisco, Napa, LA, or San Diego are all unique in their own way and offer tons of neighboring cities to appeal to each type of bride. While it’s quite the flight from Chicago, it’s sure to be a memorable experience for everyone at the party. (P.S.- if Palm Springs is on your list, check out Airbnb to live like a celebrity for a weekend)

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Provincetown, Massachusetts

Hear me out– we know New England isn’t the first bachelorette party destination people think of, but we think it deserves a shot. You can drink local beer in Portland, Maine, rent a cute cabin in Vermont, and say hello to Taylor Swift’s mansion in Rhode Island… all in a weekend. And don’t get me started on Cape Cod. Right after your classy self drinks wine in Nantucket, you can get on the ferry straight to Provincetown, which is basically the Key West of New England.

Click here to see other fun bachelorette ideas for New England.

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Charleston, South Carolina

By definition, the Low Country is South Carolina’s southern coast, but we’re throwing in Savannah, Georgia, for good measure. Charleston and Savannah both hold that Southern charm and history that makes you wonder how you’ve never been there before. There are ghost tours, bars, and the best shrimp ‘n grits in the greater southeast region. For a weekend that holds a little more than just drunken nights, visit the Low Country.

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