Katy & Brian

Katy and Brian’s modern day love story started on the Internet, where they met on a dating website in 2012. Brian stuck out to Katy because unlike everyone else who just commented on her good looks, he asked for suggestions on what to do in the area.  They soon realized they only lived 20 minutes from one another and that Brian already knew all the great spots in town!


On the night Brian had planned to propose to Katy, she called off their date after a bad day at work! Brian was ready and didn’t let her bad day stop him. He ordered Chinese food and surprised Katy at her house. Little did she know when he came over her bad day was about to become one of the happiest of her life!


Katy was excited and nervous for Brian to see her in her wedding dress but their first look turned out to be her favorite part of the day! They got to take a moment just the two of them before spending the rest of the day celebrating with family and friends! And celebrate they did, scroll down for pictures of the dance floor!

Her advice for newly engaged couples:

TRY and remember the groom. She knows that they will say they don’t care but make sure to ask their opinion anyway! Especially, if they DO NOT like an idea you have, compromise with them. Don’t forget, it’s a big day for him too!


Vendor Information:

Photography: Brittania Drew
Florals: Town and Country Gardens
Vintage Rentals: Erasistable Vintage Rentals
Catering and Cake: Cuisine America
DJ: Spin 1 DJ


Categories: Real Weddings

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