How to Entertain Your Guests at Weddings

While guests are usually bound to have a good time at wedding receptions, in the midst of “wedding season,” the activities can get a little repetitive. Read below for some fun and unique ideas to keep your guests entertained after you tie the knot.

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From wooden slabs, canvases, and actual leather-bound books, guestbooks have taken the form of just about anything these days. Find a way to encourage guests to have fun with your guestbook by doing something a little more interactive, like a book with a polaroid camera or thumbprint filled designs.

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Not only does food please your guests, but an opportunity to customize it is even better. Food bars and dessert bars give guests the chance to toast a marshmallow their favorite way, add just the right amount of sprinkles to their sundae, or even choose what kind of fruit will go in their sangria.

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During cocktail hour or right before dinner is served, there is often a dead space. We’ve had couples fill that space with mad-libs or Jenga at cocktail hour, games on the table, and photobooths for guests to enjoy during the reception. These activities also usually end in a favor for the bride and groom or for the guests to enjoy after the wedding– so it’s a win-win.

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When the night is in full swing, it has become more and more popular to refuel the guests with a midnight snack. Hire a food truck, order a few pizzas, or open a dessert bar. It’s an exciting way to keep guests at the wedding and hopefully after a few bites, back on the dance floor.

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Get creative and have fun with your introduction songs, make a big point out of first dances, and get everyone involved in the throwing of the bouquet. These things may be a given at weddings, but guests will be more inclined to enjoy them when they see how much fun you can have with them.

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Personalizing certain aspects of your wedding is a good way to make each guest feel included. A personalized table card is thoughtful, but a menu with each guest’s name is even more exciting. Going the extra mile in smaller things can make the wedding more memorable as a whole.

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While adults can get excited about the open-bar, kids are often trying to find ways to occupy themselves. Set out activities like board games, coloring books, or even bubbles to give the kids something to get excited about.

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Since guests being on their phones is inevitable, have them get interactive with Instagram posts by using your #weddinghashtag, or arrange to have a Snapchat Geofilter at your space for your big day.

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We can’t stress the importance of a DJ that can gauge the crowd. Find someone who has the ability to get the non-dancers dancing, to know when to slow it down, and one that can get everyone involved without playing every line dance in the world.

We hope some of these helps in your wedding planning. Check out our “Fun and Unique” Pinterest board for some more ideas on how to entertain your guests.

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