Summer 2016 Wedding Trends

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Can we all thank the first person to do a donut cake at their wedding? How about the first person to include an ice cream sundae table? The bars have been set high for Summer 2016 weddings, but here are some trends to help you start planning:

1. Cake is so last year

You can keep the traditional element of dessert after dinner, but why limit yourself to just a classic wedding cake? It’s becoming more and more popular to forgo the wedding cake entirely and throw in your favorite dessert instead.

Not Wedding Cake.png

2. Boho and Earthy

A concept introduced by The Knot is the “bridechilla,” or the opposite of a Bridezilla. This laid-back bride generally embodies the bohemian spirit of being calm and free-spirited. This style is showing up in decorations as well as atmosphere, through earthy accents, bright flowers, and wild bouquets.

Boho and Earthy.png

3. Illuminated

Whether your wedding is inside or outside, hanging lights are the perfect addition to your reception. It brings a romantic, yet energetic vibe to your party and makes for some pretty great photo opportunities. Take this to the next level and have a string light wall or lit centerpieces.


4. Lush and Green

The best part of the ivory and green combo is its versatility. While this post is aimed towards summer weddings, this trend will continue on through the seasons by simply switching out a seasonal plant.

Lush and Green

5. DIY Rustic

The best rustic weddings usually have that homemade touch. A great way to save money, as well as adding a personal element, is to create your own decorations, invites, centerpieces– the list goes on. While this may not work for your “glam luxe” wedding, it meshes perfectly with a rustic environment.

Untitled design

6. No Flowers Necessary

Another feature of modern weddings includes the use of other plants or objects instead of the traditional floral focuses. This can include featured succulents in a bouquet, or a table runner completely filled with candles or bottles.

Untitled design (1).png

7. Watercolor Invites

A watercolor invite gives off a more personal vibe to guests because it looks as if every invite were painted. These invites can be a watercolor illustration or even a strong gradient background.

Watercolor Invites

8. Food Bars

Whether it be a s’mores bar or a create-your-own sundae bar, food bars give guests food and entertainment at once. The interactive experience is sure to be a hit with your guests while they take a dancing break or get a late-night snack craving.

Food Bars.png

While personal experience helped for making this post, Pinterest helped even more. Be sure to follow our Pinterest to stay up-to-date on all of the wedding trends.

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